Nov 4, 2021

X-Station Combines Both X-Box One And Playstation 4 In One Machine

Console wars are always drawn fought between Xbox and PlayStation camps, and there will be games from the other side that you wish you could actually play. One solution is to get both the consoles. Console modder extraordinaire, EdsJunk has now come up with a better solution. Now we have the XSTATION, an Xbox One, and PS4.

It is not cheap to buy an Xbox One and a PS4, and this would mean one would have to juggle connections and maintain two boxes. This will take the fun of gaming.  XSTATION includes the two consoles in a smart and efficient way.

The size is not a PS4 and Xbone combined, and XSTATION is a little but bigger than the first Xbox One. There is just one HDMI video out connection and just one power supply which is internal. The Arduino microcontroller switches its power and video between the two with a button.

There are some drawbacks though as there is no built-in display one will have to connect it to an external one. This console is very heavy, and one can power just one console at a time.