Nov 4, 2021

Early Concept Art Reveals Horrifying Monstrous Metallo Was Considered As Villain In Batman V Supeman

Batman and Superman have been entertaining their respective fans right from the days of the World War II. It is amazing to notice that the two DC Comics icons continue to be extremely popular among comic book lovers even almost 80 years after they were first created. While a number of television series, movies, animations, video games, etc. have featured the two legendary superheroes over the years, it is the modern day superhero genre which has truly given them the global prominence and aided by the internet, they have become only increasingly popular.

Sometime back, we had seen some concept art created by artist Rob McKinnon which featured a deleted Justice League scene showing Lex Luthor. We also spotted that the artist had done some art for Batman v Superman related to a Superman enemy who didn’t appear in the film at all. The concept art which you can check above, you can find out about Metallo having been discussed for Batman v Superman at some stage. Our guess is that this might have been from the version of Justice League script written by David Goyer that was before Chris Terrio came on board and rewrote the film which eventually became ‘Dawn of Justice.’

During a Batman v, Superman: Dawn of Justice interview, movie’s director Zack Snyder had stated that nearly introduced The Joker and The Riddler in the film as well.