Nov 4, 2021

Stan Lee Sent An Emotional Video Message For Fans, Comic Book Figures Express Deep Concerns Over His Health (Video)

Constant reports have been flowing in from Bleeding Cool about the ongoing health situation of the Marvel Comics’ legendary creator Stan Lee, who is apparently restricted to his house and out of reach for his friends and colleagues at work. It has been known that his manager for the last 14 years, Max Anderson has been fired from his job, and there have been several negative articles published by Daily Mail and TMZ. It is also being claimed that his lawyer of the last many years has also been fired, although that is still not confirmed.

According to Bleeding Cool, they have been informed that Alicia, who has been Stan Lee’s housekeeper for decades as well as his loyal gardener have also been fired. This has led to a concern among the fraternity about Stan Lee being kept away from people known to him.

Let’s have a look at what some of the figures from comic books and entertainment world have said about Stan Lee and the current situation.

Peter David is a career comic book writer, and he had recently written Stan Lee’s graphic biography titled Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible. He stated on his website:

As some other pros have already said, something is going on with Stan Lee. His personal assistant, Max Anderson, has been fired and is being kept away from having any contact with Stan, who recently was in poor health fighting a bout with pneumonia.

All of the reportage seems to be coming from Stan’s “camp,” although the identity of those in the camp is a bit debatable.

But I can speak about Max, that’s for damned sure. Because I’ve been a friend of Stan’s for decades, and have had plenty of opportunities to watch Max with Stan at various conventions. And I can tell you right now that whatever bad things you may hear people saying about Max concerning Stan: Don’t believe it.

I’ve watched Max manage Stan at conventions for the last fourteen years. In addition to being a tireless supporter of Stan, including organizing and selling all manner of Stan Lee merchandise that has pumped tons of money into Stan’s pocket, I have watched Max treat Stan the way a good son treats his beloved father. Max doesn’t hesitate to put himself between Stan and overeager fans, creating a bubble of space, so Stan doesn’t get crushed by well-wishers. I’ve seen Max arrange at conventions for a comfortable couch/rest area to be set up so that Stan has somewhere to go in order to take a nap between panels and autograph fests.

Some years ago, at Dragon*Con, I presented the Julie award (name for Julie Schwartz) to Stan. Now there’s no stairway directly from the ground to the stage; you have to come around and use a side entrance. Disdaining that, Stan–who was in his eighties–vaulted from the floor up onto the stage. I saw a hilarious photograph of Stan leaping onto the stage while the people from his table ran up behind him to spot him in case he pitched backwards. Max was the first one out of his chair.

Max has cared for Stan, watched over his business and health concerns for over a decade. He does not deserve to be kept away from Stan, and he certainly doesn’t deserve to be savaged by fans for any reason. Max is a great guy.

The Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Jason David Frank, who has also played the character of Bloodshot in Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe and is a constant star presence at various comic-cons, reportedly informed Bleeding Cool via email:

I have done several shows with Max and Stan Lee. And I can tell you how great Max is always been to Stan. And how great Stan has always been to me. I have known Max for years now,  I can testify he is treated Stan like a father. I also know how much Max has helped me and never ask me for a dime. When in fact he could’ve been entitled to something from me.  But he’s always helped me at shows introduce me to people just been a class act. I have been to dozens of shows with Max and Stan over the years. What’s important to me I have seen these two behind the scenes that most people can’t see. I’m on the side of the celebrity and see how Max takes care of him. That’s something the public can’t see. At Stan’s age, I know people can swindle him and convince him otherwise. But I know for a fact for many years how close relationship these two gentlemen had.

The iconic comic book creator and activist Neal Adams told the following to Bleeding Cool:

Right or wrong…

I am terrified for the life of Stan Lee.

I could be sued for the things I BELIEVE, so this is what I KNOW…

And the things the LAPD and the District Attorney should look upon seriously.

  1. Max Anderson … The man who has taken care of Stan Lee, watched over him, guarded him physically, emotionally and financially for well over a decade ( Stan is now 95 years old.) Including through the death of Stan’s fairytale wife Joanie, has been fired!
  2. Max Anderson has been fired, not by Stan, but by “others.”
  3.  Before Max was fired, he was smeared in the press as prelude to the firing. (Yes, Max is a “tough guy,” and we all know it, but dedicated to his charge…Our Stan Lee)
  4. Stan’s lawyer and another dedicated employee were fired … And “replaced.”
  5. Stan’s cell phone was taken away from him. (Incredibly).
  6. No one I know has been able to call or see Stan. (For lunch, say.) Why? At 95 Stan is lucid, sane, intelligent and able to record and did.
  7. Stan has been tragically stunned by the death of his wife, Joanie. He at his lowest, most vulnerable!
  8. I have had a phone call with Max Anderson, and he cried terribly like a son in mortal fear that he was going to lose a father who he adored and who’s ass he wiped. He spent hours and days trying to bring Stan out of his suicidal depression over Joanie… And sat with him watching sports before Stan fell asleep… And Max put him to bed.
  9. Now… Max has been forbidden to speak to Stan. Why???

Max is so damned afraid for Stan that he cries.

For us…. Stan Lee is a National Treasure…And a real giant is guarding his door.

Can the LAPD and District Attorney do nothing to break through this imposed ‘cone of silence’?

It is not only the industry figures who communicated with Bleeding Cool but, other well-known people have also been expressing concern about Stan Lee. The director and artist Kevin Smith took to Twitter to express his fears about Stan Lee’s well-being by sharing the Bleeding Cool article with the following message.

“Was dealing with my own health scare but now I’m extremely worried about my hero @TheRealStanLee,” Smith wrote. “His buddy/caretaker Max has been his Alfred/Jarvis for years, taking the absolute best care of Stan. I join these comics pros in expressing concern for Stan.”

Smith further tweeted by directly asking Stan Lee whether he could visit the comic book icon who had earlier sent his well-wishes to Smith when he suffered a heart scare in February. And even invited Lee to be a guest at his podcasts if possible. He wrote:

“Greetings Generalisimo @TheRealStanLee! I’ve been trying to reach you on all the numbers I have for your, but none of them work anymore. After my heart attack, you were one of the first people I wanted to see! So can I come visit you? Or do you wanna come over to podcast this week?”

Recently, frail-looking Stan Lee sent a heartfelt message to his fans updating about his current bout with Pneumonia, and it was also emotional because he kept on saying he is missing us all. Here’s Stan Lee’s video message taken by TMZ:-