Nov 4, 2021

DC Cinematic Universe Will Bring Full Fledge “Legion Of Doom” In Justice 2

Warning: This article contains Justice League spoilers and if you haven’t yet seen the film, consider yourself warned.

There are going to be spoilers for the future of DCEU and especially related to one of the post-credit scenes, which might impact the future of DC movie universe. Since the poor performance of Justice League has set the wheels churning for the revamp of DC Cinematic Universe, and we might just be seeing a Legion of Doom film being made for the big screen. Therefore, if you want to avoid Justice League spoilers, this is the last point of return for you.

The first post-credit scene of Justice League was a teaser of a fan fantasy, i.e., a race around the country between The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Superman (Henry Cavill), and the other scene suggested that a Legion of Doom movie might follow soon. The scene also provided us our first look at Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello), who boarded a yacht in the scene to meet who else, but, Lex Luthor, who seemed to have somehow escaped from Arkham Asylum. The scene cuts with Lex suggesting to Slade that they should set up a “league of their own” thus, making a reference to the Legion of Doom. As per the latest report, Warner Bros is aware of the interest that the scene generated, and thoughts are now about using this scene as a link for the future DCEU movies such as the Aquaman. This is what an unnamed source stated:

“Legion of Doom is happening. Not an LOD movie, but building towards the team. Watch Manganiello. He has pretty much been blatant. They’re working on something cool for SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) 18, related to LOD. They want to continue planting seeds and building momentum for the team. Things will be generally quiet on the DC front until Aquaman hype begins, but I can tell you that there will be another LOD tag at end of that.”

It is interesting to note that Joe Manganiello has himself set the ball rolling for the Legion of Doom rumors by sharing a photo of his own, during a filming of Critical Role in October where he was seen wearing a Legion of Doom t-shirt with the same font as Justice League. He received a lot of praise for his look as the famous DC villain which was created by Marv Wolfman in tandem with George Perez in 1980. Still, it is surprising to see Deathstroke to be the catalyst who would establish the Legion of Doom because in comic books he wasn’t even a part of the team, to begin with.

The Legion of Doom was first featured in the 1978 animated show called Challenge of the Super Friends for Hanna-Barbera, and it was inspired by the Justice League comic books. It ultimately made its way into the DC Comics too. The original team did have Lex Luthor and the character of Black Manta which will be portrayed by Yahya Abdul Mateen II in Aquaman. If the report from El Fanboy turns out to be genuine, then we might see Deathstroke hire Black Manta for his team, but, the most important theory coming from this report states that the Legion of Doom will be made in place of the proposed Darkseid movie. Although nothing has been confirmed yet. In case the Legion of Doom gets made, it might also feature other villains like Bizarro, Brainiac, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Giganta, Gorilla Grodd, Riddler, Scarecrow, Sinestro, and Toyman.