Nov 4, 2021

Does The New Cosplay Of A Dead Iron Man Hint At Anything For Infinity War?

A Thanos cosplayer was spotted carrying Iron Man’s severed head at the Emerald City Comic Con. The gruesome image was posted by a Reddit user and shows a Thanos cosplayer carrying a broken Iron Man head revealing half of Tony Stark’s bloodied face. The attention to detail of the whole ensemble is both impressive and horrifying.

With Black Panther released, Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled to release next on April 27th. Boasting the biggest ensemble of every single superhero existing in the MCU, the project is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo.

Marvel Studios has hyped up Thanos for several years now, but we will finally come face to face with him for the first time in the Infinity as he hunts down the six Infinity Gems. He is poised to be a ruthless and powerful villain and is expected to spell doom for our favorite MCU heroes.

As Disney’s movies are more family-friendly, we shouldn’t worry about seeing something as gory as this. However, it is possible that Infinity Wars could be Iron Man’s swan song as Tony goes head-to-head with Thanos. Tony Stark dying would be a poetic end for his personal story– starting off as someone who never cared for anyone but himself to dying to safeguard humanity.

Captain America and Thor are also in danger of dying in the next Avengers sequel. While it would be difficult for fans to let go given how popular the characters are with them, it might be necessary regarding the storyline of Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel. It also wouldn’t be advisable from a business point of view to kill off all its major characters that have helped build the MCU brand in the last ten years. Even though we have been introduced to new characters in recent years like Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and the Black Panther, it would be odd not to see Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America in any future Marvel studio movies.