Nov 4, 2021

DC’s Cinematic Universe May Be In Trouble But Man Of Steel 2 Is Into Active Development

We will see Henry Cavill‘s Superman in the sequel of “Man of Steel” which is in development at Warner Bros.

“Man Of Steel” had earned around $668 million and then launched an ambitious DC Cinematic Universe. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice picked up where MoS ended had earned $872 million.

In spite of Superman’s battle with Batman, DC is not letting out a lot about the sequel to “Man of Steel” which featured a Superman solo movie and lead many people to believe that another movie was not happening. Now, someone who is close to this project said that Superman is a priority for the studio.

In October, 2014, Warner Bros. CEO, Kevin Tsujihara had announced a list of movies, and this had Justice League The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Wonder Woman.

“Suicide Squad” had featured many DC villains and there was an appearance by Ben Affleck‘s Batman. This movie earned $135 million.

The “Man of Steel” sequel is a far away from its release date. “Aquaman” will release this December and there is “Batman” movie which does not have any release date as of now.