Nov 4, 2021

Will David Hasselhoff Be A Part Of The Knight Rider Reboot?

David Hasselhoff has been experiencing what might be the most inexplicable revival of recent times. A role in the Sharknado 4 film, a Baywatch cameo, and a tiny role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.  2 ensured that the nearly forgotten 80s superstar has got a brand new generation of fans. Keeping that in mind, he was asked whether he would be back to MCU. Hasselhoff remained evasive. However, he did ultimately say that he is associated with the upcoming Knight Rider reboot. The star said:

I’m on a nice ride. If the ride ends today, the ride ends today. If it goes on — and I think it might go on with another show that we just talked about — then I would welcome that. So we’ll see what happens with fate. . . . [It’s] nothing I can talk about now, but it starts with Knight, and it ends with Rider.

Therefore, it becomes impossible to either confirm or reject the chances of David Hasselhoff making a comeback to the MCU. However, it is a remarkable reward for him to be a part of the Knight Rider reboot. Back in the 80s, Knight Rider made him a superstar. The film was based on a tech expert called Michael Knight who built an AI and a nearly indestructible car called KITT to combat criminals. The film is among the iconic 1980s concepts, and it remains a pop culture legend even today and has received tributes and spoofs ranging from Family Guy to Robot Chicken on Adult Swim.

Last year the long-term fans of the film became extremely enthusiastic about the Knight Rider reboot. While details are sketchy about the project, apart from the fact that it would be a digital series tie joint work between Machinima and Justin Lin from the Fast and Furious. Hasselhoff didn’t say whether he would face the camera or remain behind it, but, frankly, it doesn’t even matter. The only thing we are sure about is that his presence would make the project absolutely drenched with nostalgia.

What the Hoff said to Yahoo Movies regarding his part in the Knight Rider reboot is also going to be highly important for making people believe in the project. The franchise had a TV reboot nearly a decade ago, and it could manage only an 18 episode run before being scrapped. Hasselhoff had also made an appearance in an episode, and the series never really exploited its true scope.