Nov 4, 2021

What Will Microsoft Offer With Futuristic Xbox Two?

It would be appropriate to say that the Xbox Two’s existence has been a secret. There is no doubt that Microsoft will be busy creating the next generation technology to launch it in future, the entire practice of console series is pretty much uncertain. Chunks of hardware lasting for a number of years without modifications is no longer a novelty, and makers like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all busy trying to figure out the market’s future.

Xbox One X came out a few months ago, and it won’t be wrong to say that Xbox Two will have to wait for some time to come. Sony and Microsoft both have profitable machines on the store shelves, and they are complementary to each other, instead of being rivals. At present, there is probably not enough demand either for a PS5 or Xbox Two,  especially since Xbox One X is almost a latest console.

Alberto Penello is the senior director, in charge of Xbox marketing at Microsoft, and he indicates that the common perception of releasing new gaming consoles is no longer the same.

“If you look at the rate of technological change in the last 15 years, it’s probably greater than the 30 years that preceded it, and the console business is one of the ones that hasn’t evolved. In past generations, I don’t think you could have done something like this, but honestly, when I look at phones at $800 and graphics cards at $600, it shows that people are willing,” Penello said.


In any case, despite the need for the modern markets to be flexible and swift, there will certainly be a time when Xbox One’s sequel will arrive. In technology domain, branding is rapidly gaining prominence, and the name of the console is going to be a vital element. They might choose names other than Xbox Two. However, they used Xbox One in naming their latest product, and that indicates a preference to keep the sequential branding going into the future.

Gaming focus

There is one thing which can be stated with certainty about the Xbox Two is that Microsoft is going to focus on gaming right from the outset. It won’t be out of place to imagine an 8K Blu-ray drive being around by the time the Xbox Two hits the market, and it is quite likely that the maker would adopt the technology when the console arrives.

Microsoft has apparently learned the lessons from its faulty Xbox One launch and would drive home the point that Xbox Two is over and above a great gaming console.

More models

If there is something we expect with Xbox Two it is the presence of a range of models right from the unveiling. By the time PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two come out, the most important element will be ‘choices for the consumer,’ and Microsoft won’t allow Sony to lead the race in this area. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect various options being available, and even different specifications.

Another thing that Microsoft could do with Xbox Two would be eliminating the physical drive and creating a streaming model, as well as various memory options.

VR and AR support

It is certain that Virtual reality and Augmented Reality is where the future of gaming lies. Although none of the two technologies has yet managed to become a key element in the market, but, the acceptable performance of the PlayStation VR headset demonstrates that Sony is dedicated to VR gaming in the days to come. Obviously, Microsoft will have to come up with a response, and the Xbox Two might showcase both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies.

It has already been announced by Microsoft that Xbox One X supports Windows 10 virtual, and mixed reality headgear, however, it might just come up with its own self-owned technology too. A major feature of virtual reality is that it propels the video game industry into a brand new direction, an essential one, despite the massive success, and now when other ways of improving the games are increasingly becoming less lucrative.

Augmented Reality has already made its debut in the smartphone world, and there are quite a few people, who use it in daily lives.

Power and graphics

The recently released Xbox One X is quite an intimidating console when it comes to power. Therefore, the Xbox Two has to be an absolute monster when it releases. 4K resolution at 60 fps is a certainty, and it could also be possible that Xbox Two comes out with an 8K resolution, in case not with gaming then at least with media.

It is not easy to take a guess about the exact processing infrastructure needed to make it; it would definitely be a hugely powerful device. Microsoft might also feature a projection cinema system, identical to Project Ariana. That is something which was exhibited last year at the CES 2017, and it would enable gaming displays to go beyond the physical screen and manifest into the gamer’s room.

Cross-platform and PC

It is a norm for Windows devices to allow cross-platform play, accounts and digital buys, and it is an element we are sure Microsoft will incorporate in Xbox Two. The rapidly rising impact and value of PC gaming are also going to make Microsoft create a Steam-type OS, which would ensure that gaming will remain at the core of the Xbox Two.

There might also be other collaborations with PC systems because Microsoft would want to ensure Xbox Two’s flexibility as a machine.

Release date

Xbox Two would most likely land in the stores after Sony comes out with PlayStation 5. That’s how things seem to be right now, and Sony has already publicly talked about the PlayStation 5, whereas Microsoft has released Xbox One X, last year. Microsoft will emphasize that the new console is already superior to the PlayStation 4 Pro, and it is up to Sony to make the next move. However, Sony will also highlight the fact that it is already leading by a year in the development cycle, and has a huge lead in terms of units sold.

Considering the circumstances, we don’t anticipate the Xbox Two to reach the stores before 2021.