Nov 4, 2021

This Is Why DC’s Darkseid is A Better Villain Than Marvel’s Thanos

The greater the hero, the greater the villain. And when it comes to superheroes, regardless of Justice League or the Avengers, there’s no bigger threat to either of them than Darkseid and Thanos. These gargantuan cosmic entities seek to rule the galaxy at any cost. Given their equal imposing threat and stature, it would be interesting who would be more intimidating. Let’s find out:


Darkseid, created by Jack Kirby, is a manifestation of all the evils of fascism. Not only does he want to rule the galaxy but wants to crush every living being’s will and eradicate all sense of hope.

Thanos, on the other hand, is the actual physical manifestation of Death who wishes to marry a female version of the Grim Reaper from The Seventh Seal.

Darkseid comes across as a Space dictator while Thanos comes across as an Emo boy who pines for his unrequited love. Darkseid wins this round.


Thanos requires the Infinity Gauntlet to have control over all fundamental aspects of the universe like time or space. Each gem in the gauntlet is required to provide this power. However, Thanos spends most of his time trying to gather the gems he needs to properly accessorize his glove. Whereas, Darkseid has the Anti-Life Equation, which is a mathematical equation that convinces anyone that life isn’t worth living and slavery is better than freedom. Darkseid wins this round again.


Thanos wears gold buccaneer boots, a wild metal collar, and has purple skin and looks like he belongs on a pirate-themed ship. Meanwhile, Darkseid sports a sleeveless top and bicycle shorts and looks like he’s just stepped off the elliptical bike at the gym. While Darkseid gets a bonus for the variety of his wardrobe, it’s more admirable than intimidating which is why points go to Thanos in this round.


The best way to show the world that you’re a super villain is to advertise it, and that is what Thanos does most of his time sitting on his throne and glowering, Darkseid still hasn’t made an appearance, but instead, his uncle Steppenwolf made an appearance in Justice League. Points go to Thanos again in this round.


Darkseid has been successful in turning the galaxy into a slavery state on multiple occasions and has only been stopped by some sort of time travel. Thanos has successfully become a living god, after collecting all the Infinity Stones into the Gauntlet.

The only catch is, Thanos’ godhood gives him too much power to affect things on a smaller level, that his daughter ends up taking the gauntlet for herself. Point goes to Darkseid wins here.

So there we have it. In a tight race, Darkseid takes the lead.