Nov 4, 2021

Spider-Man Infinity War Suit Has Crazy Massive Tentacles – First Look Surfaced

All Marvel fans have recently got a first look at the “Iron Spider” suit of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the Infinity War movie.

Although the fans first saw the new suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming, a few merchandise art for Infinity War has revealed that the new suit from Tony Stark hid some mechanical arms.

It seems like all the fans can now get a much more detailed look at the mechanical spider legs through an image that has leaked.

Unlike the art work which had depicted his limbs with coloring, the photo shows yellow limbs attached to the back. Although its first image fit with the color of Iron Spider, the new colour of the limbs does look like what the fans have seen in the comics. One difference is that the new version is that our hero has four limbs instead of three.

Avengers: Infinity War premieres on April 27.