Nov 4, 2021

The Bios Of Avengers: Infinity War Heroes Reveal Some Exciting news

Infinity War’s release was pushed up last week, and Marvel Studios had announced that the worldwide release would be in April.

Information and details about superheroes and villains in this film have been scarce, and there are a whole lot of questions about Captain America, Thanos, Black Widow, and many others. Some new information from Toys R Us have provided fans with some answers and have even teased the plot of Infinity War.


We all knew that Steve Rogers had become a fugitive after Civil War, but this is especially interesting as it confirms the existence of a variation of Secret Avengers. We may see one of the “clandestine missions” to kick off this movie.


We do not know a lot about Thor right now, and his story will take up after Thor: Ragnarok. The trailer has made it very clear that Thanos may destroy the remains of Asgard although this may pull the rug from Taika Waititi’s movies.


Natasha Romanoff is a mystery in the movie. Her blonde hair and Captain America’s new beard seem to be an attempt to alter the appearances and prevent any detection. It is interesting that Black Widow will also be a fugitive after she had helped Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.


This is the most that fans have learned about Thanos after he had appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy and we are yet to see if the courtship of Death is his primary motivation.


This takes off from Thor: Ragnarok and we know that Bruce is now struggling to maintain his control over the green Goliath who was present for two years after  Age of Ultron. Kevin Feige and Mark Ruffalo have been teasing a 3-movie arc for this character.


Peter Parker will get an upgraded suit, and this has been teased in Spider-Man: Homecoming. What is interesting is the Spider-Sense which was teased in the trailers. This had been an ability which was absent from the first solo movie.

Avengers: Infinity War released in April 27th.