Nov 4, 2021

Theories Of Batman Being A Metahuman Are Wrong For Many Reasons

Although Batman doesn’t have his own superpowers, his limitless resources at his disposal can easily turn him into one.

Various storylines in the past have often tried to temporarily give Batman superpowers over the years. In this week’s issue of Suicide Squad, a theory has surfaced that might suggest that Batman might be a metahuman.

Suicide Squad #22 shows Amanda Waller running away from her captive the Russian Director Karla, into a forest and onto a highway where she hitch-hikes a ride with a family.

She explains to them that she’s escaped from her kidnapper and that she needs to get to the Fort Wainwright army base.

Shaking in the back seat, she recalls her last conversation with her captor who says in the end; they both want the same thing: to protect humanity from metahumans.

After being reunited with the Suicide Squad, she sends them on a mission to neutralize two of the Justice League’s metahuman members: Killer Frost and Batman.

With this line, DC fans are now assuming that Batman will finally have superpowers of his own.

However, All-Star Batman writer Scott Snyder has argued that Bruce Wayne is still very much human but his awesomeness gives people the impression that he is a metahuman.

He’s just a regular human who works hard to accomplish tasks which come easier to his superhuman counterparts. One has wonder why Waller would think that he’s able to do all of those things due to a meta-gene. She knows Batman’s identity but not necessarily his genetic makeup. Regardless of what Waller says, we can still maintain that Bruce Wayne is still a regular cool dude.