Nov 4, 2021

Thanos Is Not The Only Villain In Infinity War, Major New Villains Revealed

Marvel’s upcoming Avengers: Infinity War is keeping the plot details as a secret, and now we just know a little bit about this movie’s villain, Thanos. A new Avengers 3 promo art is about Thanos, The Black Order, and The Outriders:

This new art gives the fans a much better look at Thanos but keeps the Infinity Gauntlet obscured, and this avoids any speculation about the stones that he possesses. The depiction of Thanos’ Black Order is very interesting nd has the following members:

Proxima Midnight (lower middle) – This is Thanos’ most fierce warrior, and the character has a spear which contains blades forged from a star. A few details from Infinity War are pointing at her attacking Vision in Europe.

Corvus Glave (center right) – He is the leader of Thanos’ armies, and is fearless. He is responsible for bending the galaxies and kingdoms to Thanos’ will. While holding his weapon Glave is unkillable.

Ebony Maw (top left) – This is genius manipulator and strategist, and Ebony Maw is a mysterious and dangerous character in the Black Order. This is because no one can determine the scope and nature of his powers.

Cull Obsidian (lower right)- The “Black Dwarf” in the comics books is a brute who is like a horned evil Hulk and even carries a huge hammer that is kind of like Thor’s.

Outriders (lower left) – The beasts were created to be assassins and can use invisibility, strength, psychic powers and agility to infiltrate the enemy strongholds.

Marvel Studios would not have revealed official images of The Black Order yet if these characters were not going to appear in the movie.