Nov 4, 2021

The Ultimate Dragon Ball Battle To Decide Who Is The Superior Saiyan: Goku or Vegeta

It is well known that the humorous and crazy antics of Dragon Ball Z have entertained scores of loyal and passionate anime fans in the decades that followed the series’ start.

Yes, we agree that the Dragon Ball franchise has an extremely active and sentimental fan base, and it is not even a surprise to see the countless debates related to characters and narratives.

Just like most other fan-oriented debates, there can’t be any outright winners here, and the topics vary from “Can Goku beat Superman?” to “what makes people like a character like Yamcha?” (In case you have any idea about the latter, do let us know).

The supreme Dragon Ball debate is about a fiery, war-ravaged battlefield which can simply be described in three words: Goku vs. Vegeta.

These two iconic and fan favorite characters (who are also the in-universe long-term rivals) have vast legions of loyal fans, backing every step taken by them, and who are ready to debate at the drop of a hat, about which one of them will win a fight and also who happens to be a better character.

Well, we have decided to unleash the power of memes, to draw curtains upon this debate for once and all.

Let’s put Goku and Vegeta head-on into a final duel in which victory will be determined by fan-made images available online.

There is no need to wait any further. Let’s jump into the battle with these fantastic Goku vs. Vegeta memes that will determine which one of them is the better Saiyan.

How Did Goku Parent His Kids

What Makes Vegeta Proud Of Himself

Even A Saiyan Is Afraid Of His Wife

Vegeta Misses Super Saiyan 3

Because He Was Incapable Of Doing It

Vegeta Can’t Beat Frieza

Vegeta Calls Goku A Clown

Goku Is 9000 Plus

Goku Is Ahead Of You

Vegeta Should Be Wary Of Strangers

Goku Almost Blows Up The Planet

Goku Murdered His Grandpa

Vegeta: The Prince Of Saiyans

Goku: The God Of Saiyans

Goku Can’t Beat Vegeta