Nov 4, 2021

The Maker of Devil May Cry Is Keen To Reboot The Game For Capcom

Hideki Kamiya, the maker of Devil May Cry, would be delighted to once again create the game with modern tech. The original Devil May Cry started out as an initial version of Resident Evil 4. The story revolved around twins who had superhuman powers and were the sons of Umbrella’s founder Oswell Spencer. The game paid attention to stylish combat, and it was considered to be a drastic change from the earlier Resident Evil games. Therefore, Capcom rewrote the story and decided to create a different franchise from it.

The Devil May Cry series was based on the exploits of a demon hunter called Dante, who is himself a half-demon/half-human, and the games became renowned for their extravagant monsters, fierce action, and tongue-in-cheek theme. The original series had a four-game run before a highly successful reboot called DmC: Devil May Cry was released in 2013. It had a storyline overseen by Alex Garland (Annihilation). The game also led to an animated series, and a few years ago, there was a discussion about a live-action adaptation from the guys who made Resident Evil films long back, but, that project is probably not moving forward anymore.

The initial three games of the series were given an HD re-release recently, and now we think that the Devil May Cry maker Kamiya would love to redo the first game. Kamiya tweeted to state that the game’s remake would be a fantastic idea.

It is not the only time he has talked about remaking Devil May Cry. Earlier this year, he pondered over the thought of recreating the game, with less anime and more cinematic touch.

Five years have gone by since the last Devil May Cry game came out and although a new game is reportedly in the works., there hasn’t been any official announcement. Probably the recent HD revamp of the original games made Kamiya recall the franchise, and he is trying to gauge the audience’ response before pitching his concept to Capcom. Fans of the game are unlikely to support a complete reboot, but, since it would be coming from the original creator, it might just be a great thing.

We must also notice that Kiyama’s first ever video game as maker was 1998’s Resident Evil 2 which is now being rebooted by Capcom. A remake of this iconic game was strongly demanded by fans for a number of years, before, an announcement eventually came in 2015. While there haven’t been any details or images released yet, but, reports indicate that the game will get rid of the original game’s fixed camera style and it will further explore the Raccoon City before heading to the original police station environs.

In case the Resident Evil 2’s remake does very well, Capcom might just become keen to make a stylish reboot of Devil May Cry as well.