Nov 4, 2021

The Best Dragon Ball Movie Is On Its Way And It Will Take Us Back To A Special Planet

Last year Dragon Ball fans had got an announcement that they were waiting for. Jump Festa had seen Shueisha make an announcement about a new film which would be coming to this series, and the 20th feature movie will not settle at all. The Dragon Ball movie wants aims to be the best of the franchise.

The Japanese announcement for Dragon Ball’s next movie went live, and Herms98 turned around the notice for all the fans and Toei Animation and Shueisha have some hopes for this film:

“After 2013 saw the premiere of the first film in 17 years, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the Dragon Ball world expanded even further with 2015’s Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’, leading to the TV anime Dragon Ball Super currently airing,” the press release had read.

“As befits the 20th entry in a movie series that has continued to pursue even stronger characters and even more entertaining stories, this film is being diligently produced with the goal of having the greatest scale and quality of the series to date!”

This release has confirmed that author, Akira Toriyama is now in charge of the script, and characters.

“It looks like he’s already done more image illustrations than for any movie before,” Toei had said.

“We can’t wait for the film’s debut in December 2018.”

This news has excited the fanbase, and a few rumors are teasing what this movie may be about. Akira Toriyama has teased the storyline for this movie and said that it would take us back to the origins of Super Saiyan. This story may take us through a journey back to Planet Sadala which recently came back into prominence with Dragon Ball Super. This had introduced the Saiyans of Universe 6 where the Saiyan race stays on their homeworld.

The theory is that the movie may explain the history of Sadala and the Saiyan civil war. The storyline revolves around ancient Saiyans, specifically Yamoshi who had been a righteous Saiyan. Yamoshi had gathered 5 people to rebel against the evil Saiyans. During this ordeal, he had transformed into the first Super Saiyan. It is not hard for us to see how this storyline may be tailored into the history of Sadala.