Nov 4, 2021

Thanos Might Have To Travel In Time For The Soul Stone

We have almost a month to go before Avengers: Infinity War releases and we will see Thanos’s big debut. Fans are also highly anticipating the appearances of all their favorite superheroes all in one epic movie to take on The Mad Titan. This will be the first movie to star so many Hollywood A-Listers all on the same big screen.

The main focus of the movie will be the 6 Infinity Stones which Thanos is going to acquire one by one from every location they are in. The recent trailer showed that Thanos already has 2 stones and hinted 2 more in the recent trailer. So far we know the location of 5 of these stones except one that has not been revealed in the MCU yet.

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The Soul Stone is the elusive one in the comics as well in the MCU as well. Previous theories suggested that Heimdall had the Soul Stone as he can see all the souls in the entire Universe while another theory suggested that the Soul Stone is in Wakanda as the astral plane is believed to be the equivalent of the Soul World in the comics. Another suggests everyone is protecting Vision and the Mind Gem in Wakanda. So the location of the Soul stone is a mystery.

A new Theory has revealed that the orange planet seen in the two trailers is actually the planet ‘Titan’ which is Thanos’s home. We see the planet in ruins, and even the Avengers along with some Guardians head towards the planet in the trailers.

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Thanos retrieved the Space gem from Loki and needs the Time Stone from Doctor Strange, which Ebony Maw might get. So, when Thanos gets both the Stones, he can combine their powers to travel in time and space by opening a portal to the location of the Soul Stone.

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By doing so, he might have caused havoc on the planet Titan, which left it in ruins for us to see in the present.

Avengers: Infinity War releases on April 27.