Nov 4, 2021

Scrapped Star Wars Battlefront IV Concept Art Featured Fascinating Characters Including Dark Leia

After the Free Radical’s game Star Wars: Battlefront III was canceled, there has been a great deal of speculation as to what might have been. After it was permanently scrapped, we got to see the canceled pre-Alpha footage and also came to know a lot more about the internal issues affecting the progress of the franchise. Although now, it seems as if we are going to get a new look at the scrapped Star Wars: Battlefront IV, and it made us rue what all we missed out.

The latest set of leaks reveals various fascinating pieces of the Star Wars world which we would have been happy to see in-game. Go ahead and have a look at the “Dark Obi-Wan” below and let us know whether you won’t have loved it in action. While a few concepts revealed here are fresh and give us a view of the Light and Dark Side versions of Darth Math, AsajjVentress, and Count Dooku, we also saw a Dark Leia. Needless to say, it is absolutely perfect.

As per the latest concept art revelations:

“Star Wars Battlefront IV was supposed to take the Star Wars storyline into a different direction, with a perfect “what-if” scenario where the tides were turned. This means the characters you see in 1-6 were flipped, such as Kenobi becoming a Sith Lord, or Anakin not losing his limbs on Mustafar. Some parts of the story went as far as Anakin killing Yoda in a duel at Naboo. Along with that, Battlefront IV featured larger battles than any other Battlefront before. This meant a large portion of the planet was playable on and boosting its player count into tremendous amounts during matches. This was truly going to be the largest Star Wars game ever made.”

There are plenty of images, showcasing various adaptations of the popular characters, and also in-game action sequences which never featured in the gameplay. To have a look at it all on your own, you can check out the whole post here.

It’s a pity seeing this incredible art-work and the outcome of Star Wars: Battlefront III. The game would have been released during a time when Star Wars media ruled and it would have been the best way for the Star Wars fans to get their dose of the saga and still existing in the universe. After going through all these images, it is difficult not to feel disappointed because this is not going to be a part of a proper video game.