Nov 4, 2021

Phil Coulson Could Be A “Soul Stone” According To A New Theory

Fans are watching the trailers hundreds of times and trying to read every material that has been in the public eye related to Infinity War, just to figure out one thing, Who and Where is the Soul Stone?

Marvel Cinematic Universe has not given us any information related to Soul Stone, yes, there have been few hints here and there, but they were never enough.  They all pointed towards the existence of the Soul stone, but none of them gives us any insight on who and where it could be?

One of the theories that’s quite rampant on the Internet is Phil Coulson to be the soul stone. The logic behind this theory is that if they can make the lead of their TV universe the Soul Stone, they sprinkle some “Life” in the MCU’s dying TV side of the business. On top fo it Coulson has been one of the significant characters in the original Avengers. Actually, his fake death leads to the formation of the Avengers. Now, this theory may plainly sound stupid, but if you one of the avid followers of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, you may have felt something fishy about the character of Agent Coulson.

Coulson has been dead and revived at a magical place called Tahiti, which was kind of a version of the “Soul World,” in fact, he was a Ghost Rider for a short period, which can be related to the reaction with the Soul Stone, but all these pieces of evidence are bit vague.

The most prominent reason for Marvel to make Coulson a soul stone would be to pull in some audience towards the MCU’s Television Universe, which is in terrible shape. People who have invested their watch times in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D fear at the end of every season as they feel that the show may get canceled because of its ever dropping ratings. On the other hand, DC’s TV shows are doing fantastic, even better than their faulty DC Cinematic Universe that pretty much collapsed after the bad reception of its flagship movie Justice League.

Making Agent Coulson an essential character in Infinity War can help the MCU’s TV universe to bring its head above the water. On the other hand, we don’t even know if a soul stone can exist as a person, but even if this is true, we already have a contesting theory that states Tony Stark is the soul stone based on a sentence spoken by his father, Howard Stark.

It looks like we all will have to wait until April 27th, 2018 to figure out, who is and where is the Soul Stone? Until that point, every possibility is on the table. Who knows, Avengers 4 could be all about attaining the Soul Stone.