Nov 4, 2021

New Fantastic Four Costumes Unveiled By Marvel

Spoiler Alert: This article contains some spoilers for Marvel Two-in-One #4 created by Chip Zdarsky and Valerio Schiti, releasing in stores today.

The Fantastic Four are no more. Long live Fantastic Four!

The name might not be revealed, but, Marvel Two-in-One is primarily a series based on the first family of Marvel superheroes. It is a series based on life and death, real and fake, dangers and sheer adventure.

Reed and Sue Richards are not found anywhere, considered dead by Ben Grimm. However, even when he knew that they are dead, Ben told a lie to Johnny Storm to save him from plunging further, telling him that the other family members are lost in the vast multiverse. Although, Ben has no clue that his lie is, in fact, the truth. Reed, Sue and their kids are recreating the multiverse, in the far extremes of space and reality.

But, when Ben and Johnny found that their powers were weakening rapidly, courtesy a superb new character called RachnaKoul, they had another challenge to deal with. For them, the only way they could get back to full juice was to reduce the gap separating the Fantastic Four, and bring the family together. In order to accomplish this, the trio is compelled to zip across the multiverse, and for this new adventure, the spacefarers need new costumes.

The new costumes officially debut in Marvel Two-in-One #4. However, they were revealed in the official preview. We have seen that the new costumes are more tactical and realistic styling, and are basically jackets which allow the wearer to undertake space travel across the multiverse. Predominantly white, and occasionally light blue costumes are a reference to the original Fantastic Four suits. On top of that, there are military green shoulders, indicating that this is a fresh version and for a very different mission. The pants/shorts are simply black tactical legwear, with a dash of blue.

The Fantastic Four logo is prominent, relocated to the shoulders in the new costume. It showcases that despite being two members short, Ben and Johnny are still representatives of every aspect of FF and that’s what they think of themselves. Even more unmistakable fact is that Rachna’s costume doesn’t have a ‘4’, implying that she is not a replacement for Reed and Sue, at least not now.

The latest FF costume designs are the newest revamp given to the team of late. Back in 2010, they had a major redesign which saw their costumes change from blue to black and white Future Foundation suits, the color scheme that Marvel Two-in-One’s latest designs relate to. Then again, after some time, we saw them get back to their red and black costumes, and Reed Richards was seen in blue during his last appearance in 2015’s event Secret Wars.

Since Human Torch and Thing are on a mission to locate their missing family members, there is no idea what kind of costumes the team would wear whenever they get back together. Although we expect them to ultimately put on their famous blue and black, it is always entertaining to see our favorite Marvel supers shake things up once in a while.

Marvel Two-in-One #4 by Chip Zdarsky, Valerio Schiti, with a cover designed by Nick Bradshaw, hits the stores today.