Nov 4, 2021

Must Watch Superhero TV Series on Netflix

There is no doubt that Netflix has the best compilation of superhero TV shows. It has a strategic partnership with The CW, which enables it to land most of the DC TV shows and courtesy its Marvel links, it not only has its own range of Marvel shows but, most of the shows from ABC as well.

Apart from Marvel and DC, Netflix is also home to some other superb TV shows, and the best of those are listed below. You might see that X-Men series are not seen there because they are mostly owned by Fox, and there is no longer an association between Fox and Netflix, so you need to find them somewhere else.

We periodically update this list, so you are advised to check back once every few months to stay updated.

Please Note: Availability might vary from region to region.

Special Mentions

  • Strong Girl Bong-Soon (1 Season)
  • The Defenders (Season 1)
  • Aftermath (2 Seasons)

Iron Fist

Netflix Original

Seasons available: 1

Iron Fist had its own special moments, but, some inexplicable decisions disappointed a lot of fans. The core reason why it is listed here is that it is vital to the build-up to the main Defenders series which debuted soon after Iron-Fist.

Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) plays Danny Rand, a young billionaire, who comes back to New York City to stake his rightful claim to his father’s business. With the power of Iron Fist, Danny finds himself in the grip of the Hand, and he is compelled to use his power to foil their plans.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Network: The CW

Seasons available: 2

The concept of bringing on board a relatively unknown bunch of superheroes and making them battle the villains appears to be a bad idea, considering the fact that you have bigger heroes at your disposal, but, that’s how this series almost works. It is about a time lord who creates a team comprising of heroes and villains to protect the world from an evil. It has fantastic special effects despite the fact that each season has 16 episodes. If you are fond of the other CW titles, this is one show you must watch as well.


Network: The CW

Seasons available: 2

While it is not a substitute for the earlier Smallville, which is still beyond Netflix’s reach, Supergirldirectly takes us to the Netflix Superman universe. The series first premiered on CBS, but, later relocated to The CW, which in our opinion is the best place for it.

Kara Denver (Melissa Benoist) has an alter ego as Supergirl who has the responsibility of protecting National City in the absence of her cousin.

Agents of SHIELD

Network: ABC

Seasons available: 4

It is set in the aftermath of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Avengers, and the series takes us inside SHIELD, where we follow the new members of the team. The major character is Agent Coulson who comes back from the cinematic world to train the newbies.

As of now, it is the only ABC/Marvel show to feature on Netflix, now that Agent Carter and Inhumans have exited.

Luke Cage

Netflix Original

Seasons available: 1

Luke Cage is a member of The Defenders, and the titular character is played by Mike Colter who also happens to be a key character in Jessica Jones due to his romantic links. The season one is in flashback, where the source of Luke’s super strength and bulletproof skin is revealed.

The series’ has a fabulous cast and totally lovable soundtrack. Compared to other superhero shows, Luke Cage is more realistic and has a mob narrative which simply shows Luke Cage with Superpowers being at the center of things.

The Flash

Network: The CW

Seasons available: 3

It was obvious that fans were skeptical initially when news broke about The Flash being given a solo TV series. Reason being, TV CGI is nothing like the films, but, The CW appears to have built a believable world with a compelling character.

Barry Allen wakes up from a coma and finds that he has an ability to move at incredible speeds. All through the show, there is a huge assortment of supervillains, all having superpowers, but, Barry keeps going. The series has only evolved with time, and we are expecting a lot of fantastic adventures of The Flash.

Jessica Jones

Netflix Original

Seasons available: 1

Jessica Jones’ 2015 debut was simply mind-blowing. The series was based on Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), a superhero with super strength and the power to jump extremely high. The reason why this debut season turned out to be so good was the talent of David Tennant. He played the purple man who had the power to influence people and was a fantastic match for Jessica.

Jessica Jones season two came nearly three years after her last solo adventure, therefore, it has taken a long time coming.


Network: Fox

Seasons available: 3

Does it make you cry? Batman is not even a superhero here, in fact not even his younger version. Therefore, if you have a problem with Netflix bunching it with superhero shows, then you can take a walk. This prequel series, turns the clock back on the Batman universe and shows us a time when the villains of Gotham were only getting on their feet. It reveals strong backstories to each character and has been going strong now into its fourth season.

The series is created by Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon, and although Fox airs it, they don’t distribute it. Which implies it will stick to Netflix even after all other Fox shows leave the streaming giant.


Network: The CW

Seasons available: 5

Arrow has been among the most successful shows on The CW, constantly outperforming various other shows. While you might say that the series has lost some of its edge in the subsequent seasons, the initial seasons are simply the best.

The series depicts the DC comic book hero, Green Arrow. The series starts with Stephen Amell who is playing Green Arrow, spend the day as a playboy billionaire and the night as a superhero equipped with a bow and arrow.

Stranger Things

Netflix Original

Seasons available: 2

You might not have expected to see Stranger Things on this list of superhero shows, but, you can easily understand how Eleven is suitable for the genre on all parameters. She has a compelling and tragic origin story, mean powers and the show highlights various traits which generally are associated with regular superheroes.

The extremely successful series might just be the biggest show on Netflix. The show is based around four boys who stay at a small town and discover some big secrets. Later in the debut season, we meet Eleven, the lead hero of the series. She is blessed with telekinetic powers and ability of inter-dimensional communication.


Netflix Original

Seasons available: 2

Daredevil was the first member of The Defenders, and he has not yet been overtaken by the other Defenders as far as being the best superhero series is concerned. Charlie Cox plays Matthew Murdoch who lost his sight as a youngster, but, he developed supersenses especially in hearing.

Across the two seasons, we meet a number of unforgettable villains and some of the best-supporting actors from the franchise. It must also be noted that both the seasons shattered the records for the longest continuous fight scenes. Best thing is that the new season is coming out soon.