Nov 4, 2021

Marvel Comics Update: The Silver Surfer Is The New God of Thunder

Among the various characters in the Marvel Universe, Silver Surfer is among those who haven’t got their due place. A terrible Fox film didn’t provide any recognition to the character, the way it should have got. The film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was nothing more than a disaster for the character. Since he is among the most powerful cosmic heroes in the Universe, he deserves a better deal. The movies might not be ideal for him as of now, but, at least the comics can give some much-deserved recognition to the Surfer. Unbelievably, the extremely powerful Silver Surfer is going to become mightier. He has now picked up Mjolnir and become the new Thor – the famous Marvel Comics’ God of Thunder.

Warning: This article has huge Thanos #16 spoilers. In case you haven’t read the comic book, this is your last chance to turn back!

In this issue, we saw how the Universe was nearly annihilated. Thanos wiped out his opponents. Gods, superheroes, or the cosmic beings, nobody could counter the mighty Thanos. In fact, even the planet-munching Galactus died battling him. While Thanos ruled the Universe, one harbinger of the Good came from his prolonged hibernation to put an end to the tyrannical rule of Thanos and bring peace back to the Universe.

NorrinRadd, better known as The Silver Surfer comes back to challenge Thanos. Wielding the cosmic power and Mjolnir, The Surfer is way more powerful for Thanos to fight with directly. Therefore, Thanos used his secret weapon, another version of himself from the current Marvel world to beat the Silver Surfer of the world. However, if the Silver Surfer had the capability of defeating Thanos then why didn’t he do it earlier to prevent Thanos from unleashing his universal genocide?

The answer can be found in the pages of Thanos #16. At the time when Thanos was indulging in slaughtering the whole Pantheons and Marvel Gods, The Silver Surfer was undergoing rigorous training to become worthy of wielding Mjolnir. The Surfer only fought with Thanos after he became adept at being the new God of Thunder. With a weapon like Mjolnir at your disposal, you can bravely stand up to the King of the Universe.

The battle between The Silver Surfer and Thanos takes place at his Tower of Creation, situated at the far edge of the Universe. Thanos’ from both Universes are compelled to work as a team to avoid being defeated by the Surfer. Whereas, Surfer’s race is against time to reach to Thanos’ tower, wielding Mjolnir, and forever put an end to the tyranny. Thanos had earlier tried to impress Death by offering the whole Universe’s life as a sacrificial offering, who wasn’t impressed even then. Also, the Cosmic Ghost Rider known as Frank Castle aka The Punisher is ready to create an impression in the battle.

The Peace before the Storm:

While the two Thanos share glances and knowledge, the older version of Mad Titan reveals how he managed to beat the Universe with his unmatched strength and intellect, winning over the younger Thanos’ respect. Emperor Thanos then explains that there is another mighty risk posed by a creature called the Fallen One. The younger Thanos assumed that the reference was to the Silver Surfer, whom he had easily beaten. However, the reality was different.

Their destructive streak tears the space and time fabric and unleashes a full-on Universal invasion, the army of insectoids brings along the person whom the Older Thanos had called The Fallen One. It is not someone you guessed. The Fallen One turns out to be the Silver Surfer, with black skin and wielding Mjolnir in his left hand.

War Cries Start:

This Annihilation Waves headed by Silver Surfer, who is now the God of Thunder and also the Power Cosmic. He arrives to finish Thanos for good. While Thanos prepares for the battle in Thanos #16, the Silver Surfer summons Mjolnir and lightning envelops the previous Herald of Galactus. The fight is going to be dirty now.

Thanos #16 is available at comic book stores and digital stores globally.