Nov 4, 2021

The New Dragon Ball Z Fan Movie Is What Really Needed To See

There have been many live-action anime adaptations have turned out to be terrible but Robot Underdog’s Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope seems to be different.

Light of Hope is a 35-minute short movie and is based on the Android Saga which had focused on the future timeline where which Androids 17, and 18 razed the entire planet and left just a few survivors. After almost all the Z Fighters had fallen, Gohan, Bulma, and Trunks try and figure out how they can save the world.

What we had seen of Trunks’ future felt un-fleshed with regard to conveying how desolate a place it had been. There were a few ruins, but Dragon Ball Z’s saturated color palette had never suited to depict desolate wastelands. Light of Hope is very true its original story in a way that Future Trunks tells the Z Fighters after he travels to the past but it was infused with some looming dread.

In the movie, the fans see Gohan training Trunks for battle and they know they cannot win. Bulma is toiling away on a time machine which she is not sure will really work.