Nov 4, 2021

Mark Hamill Won A Role In Netflix Witcher Series With A Funny Twitter Conversation

The script for the pilot episode is written and ready to be produced. Therefore, it is time to take things seriously regarding the upcoming Netflix show based on the novels which had been the source of CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher. The author Andrzej Sapkowski who wrote those novels is on board as a creative consultant, and the writer of the show Lauren S. Hissrich has provided details of character descriptions. Thus, it is obvious that casting process will gather momentum now. In a sudden turn of events, that almost everyone would love, Mark Hamill has officially jumped into the fray.

Hamill is an icon, that’s an undisputed fact. He is a legend primarily due to his work as Luke Skywalkers in the Star Wars saga. However, that’s only a segment of his illustrious career. When Hissrich shared highly detailed character outlines, a fan suggested that Hamill might be the best option to play Vesemir. Although he had no clue what The Witcher is, the busy actor agreed on the basis of the description given.

This is how it all unfolded.

It led to this fantastic chatter.

The official Witcher Twitter account then responded with a funny photoshopped image:

And it was all game on.

It seems like everybody is on board – Let’s make it!

And now we’re sold.

It looks like all parties are interested – MAKE IT SO!

Hissrich has been extremely honest throughout the entire process. She has been prompt to respond to concerns, has honestly stated the status of her work. It is all fascinating to see! She is well-accustomed to working at Netflix courtesy her earlier association with Daredevil and The Defenders.

The Witcher doesn’t have any scheduled premiere date, and the casting is yet to be finalized. However, it seems that things are moving well and we are eager to know more!