Nov 4, 2021

Mark Hamill Wants To Play Doctor Octopus In MCU

It is widely felt that Mark Hamill is a greatly under-rated actor. Yes, we agree that Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy wasn’t exactly a trendsetter in terms of dialogs, but, he was the bond which kept the whole thing cohesive. Luckily, he was provided with adequate scope by Rian Johnson to display his talent in The Last Jedi, creating a lot of intricate and conflicting elements to the role which was superbly played by Hamill.

Genuine Hamill fans are not surprised about it because they know he has been the dependable voice for Joker in the DC Animated Universe and the Arkham series video games. Now fans are talking about whether Hamill should play another comic book villain: Doctor Octopus.

Writer Anthony King came up with the thought on Twitter, and he said, “The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of @HamillHimself playing Doc Ock in the MCU.”

Generally, such fan casting is nothing more than mere speculation, but, Hamill liked this Tweet. It is a small thing, but, it at least hints at his willingness to play the role.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was a big hit, and Sony/Marvel Studios are already planning on which villains should feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Doctor Octopus certainly is fondly remembered by fans courtesy the fantastic work done by Alfred Molina in the Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man 2. It is not Mark Hamill’s first time as a famous comic book villain either because nobody can forget his fantastic work as Cock Knocker in the 2001 film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

What do you say? Should iconic Spidey enemies such as Doctor Octopus and others be featured in the MCU? Would you like to see Mark Hamill play this role? We believe that Mark Hamill is certainly going to be great and he will deliver a compelling, unforgettable portrayal of a larger than life villain.