Nov 4, 2021

Live-Action Castlevania Movie Is In Works But It has A Shocking Requirement

Much before the producer, Adi Shankar had seen the “Castlevania” adaptation, an adult animated series for Netflix, it was developed as a live-action movie for many years. Shankar has proven that his love and passion for the source material is a crucial reason that this movie is a success. In a recent interview, Shankar had revealed that the very reason that had he walked from the live-action project was, “Trevor Belmont had to be American and that Channing Tatum was [the] frontrunner.”

“As an example of how wrong this could have gone, I was approached in 2012 about making a live action Castlevania, by another group (to be clear, none of whom are involved in this Netflix version),” Shankar had said.

“I passed on that opportunity because I didn’t feel like that group wanted to make an authentic Castlevania movie and instead were making a movie titled ‘Castlevania’ to leverage off the ‘pre-existing brand awareness’ associated with the title. I was told, for example, that Trevor Belmont had to be American and that Channing Tatum was my frontrunner,” he then added.

“I walked away from what would have been a lucrative deal for me financially because I was a fan, because of my personal relationship with Castlevania, and because I didn’t want to partake in the massacre my childhood. The fact that fans of Castlevania love the show was our greatest victory and the fact that the show has expanded beyond that core audience and into general pop culture has been surreal.”

“Castlevania” is now on Netflix with its season 2 having been ordered by the streaming platform.