Nov 4, 2021

Bat-Family CIVIL WAR Is Gaining Momentum In DC Comics Universe, Details Here.

By now, you would know that the Bat-family is in shambles. After the events of “Fall of the Batmen,” the very trust between Batman and the allies has been torn apart. The machinations of the Victim Syndicate ensured that Clayface was pushed beyond limits and the only one way to stop him was to bring him to an end. This is why Batwoman crossed the line that Batman would never cross.

Batman then called a meeting in order to put Kate on trial in issue #975, but she decided to quit. As the story moves on, in Detective Comics #976, the divide between Batman and his allies is widening and is now building towards a Bat-family war.

The schism between all the members had been apparent after Batwoman fired a shot which would kill one of their own. As they stood on a rooftop, it was pretty evident that Batman, ‘Spoiler,’ Red Robin, and Orphan were on one side while Azrael and Batwing defended Kate.

But we know that Batman’s stance is very firm, and he has Cassandra Cain and Damian Wayne on his side while Stephanie and Tim Drake are sitting on the fence like Nightwing. Kate Kane had declared war by joining forces with the Colony, and she convinced Lucas Fox (Batwing) and Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael) to join her also.

Kate’s goals may have been noble, but they were very dangerous, and the Colony has an “ends justify the means” approach. Lucas and Jean-Paul may have appeared to side with Batwoman, and now, their departure from the Knights to sign up with the Colony has confirmed the division of this team.

James Tynion IV’s Detective Comics is now reaching a boiling point, and all events and signs are hinting at a huge personal confrontation: The Bat versus the Colony.

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