Nov 4, 2021

Is Cancellation The Reason Behind The Dragon Ball Super’s Ending?

To realize that Dragon Ball Super is wrapping up in a few weeks’ time is quite a puzzle for those following anime world. It is at the top of its popularity, and Dragon Ball Super has witnessed overseas success, a new Dragon Ball Fighter Z game is doing well in the market, and a big franchise’s canon prequel film will release this year.

Further on the subject, Dragon Ball Super has been progressing towards this “Universal Survival Saga” narrative right from the start, and it appeared that there would be some game-altering purpose which would be known to viewers in the Tournament of Power. But, with this unforeseen ending, fans are bound to speculate whether Dragon Ball Super was in fact canceled?

Extremely Successful

The above question has dominated fan chat threads in recent days, but, there is frankly not much substance in all these theories.

As mentioned, there is almost no evidence of there being anything which would indicate towards a TV series being forcibly taken off. Whether it is Dragon Ball Super’s Japanese ratings, English sub streams and Dubbed series running on Toonami have all been garnering great ratings for Toei and made it a stronger brand.

Replacement is in the works

We must also consider the fact that there are already plans in place to create something which would follow Super as the next Dragon Ball anime series. It has been reported that the late Hiromi Tsuru is being replaced by a new voice actress to give voice to Bulma, and she will be seen in the franchise after Dragon Ball Super is over. In any case, if they had no further plans then why they would cast some new actress, to begin with? The new decision indicates that the Dragon Ball Super’s ending is only that, and a break which would afford Toei some time to ready the next project.

But then, if Dragon Ball Super is not canceled, then why is it being wrapped up? Let’s explore some more theories.

Bigger Plans

There is only a limit to Toei Animation’s resources, and it has been declared that the new Dragon Ball film will arrive this year, which might have impacted Dragon Ball Super in unforeseen ways.

According to the claims by Toei and Toriyama, the new movie will be the greatest Dragon Ball film till date, and if they are actually putting in such a great deal of effort to make that happen, it is logical that the resources like writers and animators won’t have been able to hop between the anime series and the movie project.

Rejuvenation Break

From the time of its arrival in 2015, Dragon Ball Super has already aired close to 150 episodes, and there have been a lot of well-known reports about how taxing the demand has been. Dragon Ball Super might just have been given a literal “hiatus” which was earlier hinted, in order to refresh the enthusiasm of the creative team before heading into whatever series is being planned next.

The time is right to do it because fantastic Dragon Ball Super sagas are running on American television, the Dragon Ball Fighterz game is doing well, and the film is on the horizon.

Time Needed For Planning

Well, the Toei team not only deserves a break, but they might also, in fact, need time to properly plan the next segment of the series!

This “Universal Survival” saga has unleashed the franchise and created the path to a whole multiverse of various options, and whole new universes being established to be explored. That is a huge map through which a route needs to be created, and then there is the significant to power-ups are building a whole new visual system to Dragon Ball combats, which will be seen when Ultra Instinct Goku will take on Jiren for the last time.

Dragon Ball might get a revamp of sorts, and that must be planned well to ensure it remains appealing.

New Evolution

And no, we are not making a reference to the Dragonball: Evolution live-action film. Nobody other than the Maze Runner actor Dylan O’Brien is willing to see that happen.

We have no information on the plans about any possible return for the Dragon Ball, but, it is obvious that Toei might launch a brand new series with a brand new name. That would be more logical because, after the ultimate universal contest for using the Super Dragon Balls, the concept of the series known as “Dragon Ball Super” might have been done with.

It also depends on how DBS wraps up, and that might necessitate the creators to plan, make and market a completely new show. Since we have seen the great success achieved by Super, the next chapter is expected to be better and more entertaining.