Nov 4, 2021

Will Nick Fury Turn Out To Be A Skrull In Captain Marvel?

There is still a long distance to go before Captain Marvel will formally be a part of MCU films. We have the Avengers: Infinity War coming up, and then there is Ant-Man And The Wasp coming in July. Still, it doesn’t mean that we are not interested in Captain Marvel film scheduled to arrive next spring, and although nothing much is known about the movie’s plot as of now, it is quite possible that Samuel L.

Jackson might have revealed the details over the weekend. The 69-year-old actor posted some behind the scenes images on Instagram. The images which were clicked in the make-up trailer, and are generally not important, but, in this case, he appeared to be getting a mask mold sculpted. The shots were captioned by him as: ‘Caught a lil’ nap while going thru the process today!#captainmarvel #nickgettingfurious #lifecastsabitch.’ So what is the big deal, you ask?

Considering the fact that Nick Fury is fairly experienced in dealing with the crazy and strange even before he came across Iron-Man, Loki and the Tesseract, and we are also aware of the fact that Captain Marvel will take on the Skrulls. It all sounds fantastic. In case you have no clue about the working of Skrulls, they are generally a tribe that goes around winning planets by first placing secret operatives into their society to destabilize the planet, and then at the opportune time, they walk in and conquer the planet.

This makes us realize that the team that is making Captain Marvel will use a plot similar to the Marvel Comics’ Secret Invasion arc, which had seen Earth being invaded by the aliens prior to a huge attack. Take that into account and the fact that Samuel is getting his molded for what is probably not just an ordinary mask, and you might even face the truth that either Nick Fury is a Skrull secret agent or he has been abducted, and some Skrull agent has replaced or tried to replace him. ‘Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe, you just don’t know it yet.’