Nov 4, 2021

Hulk Eats Captain America And Other Heroes In Nightmarish Marvel Comic Future

When Thanos, the Mad Titan conquers the entire Marvel Universe, he transforms Hulk into his attack dog and even feeds him Captain America and a few others.

Yes, it is a very heartbreaking development in the Thanos comic. Set many years in the future when Thanos wins the battle against the Avengers and conquers the earth, the Mad Titan is King Thanos and is the ruler of the entire cosmos. His team consists of him, the Ghost Rider (used to be Punisher), the new Thor (used to be Silver Surfer), and Bruce Banner.

Those who have not been following this series might be having a little have trouble understanding this story as it seems so weird. When Thanos had first made a leap into the last few days of the Marvel Universe, the tone of the situation was clear, and a Thanos team-up was a fascinating twist, but the fans were surely not ready for Frank Castle’s Ghost Rider. When Frank takes Thanos to feed the King’s “Dog,” the story becomes much more absurd.

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In a very different story, the fans may see Hulk, old and grey, living in a pit with the bones of his food. Having Ghost Rider delivering the news of Steve-Rogers being a meal makes it much weirder. Now, almost is anything possible and it is doubling down on the nightmare that Thanos turns the Marvel Universe into.

Yes, it is cheap to deliver the story almost around the same time that Marvel has confirmed that the Hulk is immortal and this means that he could not be killed by Thanos, but also, he could not be freed from his tyranny.

It is very hard to believe that we have seen the last of the Hulk in this story.