Nov 4, 2021

Here’s The Darth Vader Movie That All Star Wars Fans Deserve To Have

There is a new Darth Vader comic which is making fans lose their minds. The comic tells the best part of Vader’s story. Since the Star Wars prequels focused on telling  Anakin Skywalker’s story, the trilogy ended when he became Darth Vader.  But this latest Darth Vader comic shows the real creation of Vader which fans deserve to see.

This is the story of how Darth Vader commanded Imperial forces without any formal rank while fighting the goodness that would eventually return to him at his end.


The story begins with the great Jedi Purge initiated by Order 66 ,  to erase Anakin Skywalker’s memories.

Anyone who lived before and after the Purge can easily guess that Vader – the Emperor’s new apprentice – was likely Skywalker, the Jedi who was moving towards the same goal beforehand.

However, a small part of his brain still recalls memories of his past life as Anakin Skywalker as seen when Jocasta Nu reveals Vader was a Jedi Knight in front of a squad of Clone Troopers. Vader kills them all before his secret is out, and blames the old Jedi. Anakin may be gone, but the truth about his transformation cannot be erased.


Requesting the Imperial Officers to submit to him begins to earn Vader, some enemies. Officers struggle to understand Darth Vader’s actual role as his relationship as the Apprentice to Darth Sidious is not public. Enemies who haven’t yet realized that the Emperor’s quiet, brooding agent is one of the most fearsome people in the galaxy.

We also get to see Darth Vader take insults from his fellow Imperial agents, and escape attempted assassinations from within the military. Readers watch as Imperial spies boast about Vader’s numbered days, while fully aware that Vader will unleash unspeakable horrors upon them.

Seeing the darkness and fear that will precede Vader is satisfying to fans of his story.


In the case of Jedi, meditation focuses on attempting to achieve oneness and peace, Vader’s meditation achieves the exact opposite. In this beautifully illustrated sequence, Vader is seen mediating as a black being, suspended over a swirling, blood-red sea. The only parts of his body that are not black are his artificial limbs. But when lightning strikes around him, some white, glowing, fluttering objects can be seen, presumably segments of light still flowing through and towards Vader as he convenes with The Force

Vader lashes out violently at the fluttering bits of the Light in his meditation. But as the comic shows Vader meditating in his Coruscant chamber, the attack on the Light Side has cracked a massive window in front of him. This is clear that Darth Vader is still not at peace, or as disciplined in his dedication to the Dark Side.

This comic is the Darth Vader movie fans have been wanting to see.