Nov 4, 2021

Can We Expect A Home Improvement Reboot?

Tim Allen is now upset and annoyed with the cancelation of the Last Man Standing, and he is “very interested” in a Home Improvement revival. Last Man Standing had run for six seasons, and then it had been canceled in spite of being the 2nd highest rated show. The fans and Allen were pretty shocked and by this cancelation and the comedian has hopes that another network may pick up this series. When the idea had been raised about a return to Home Improvement, Tim Allen said that he and the team had already spoken about this.

Home Improvement ran from 1991 to 1999, and it was the most-watched sitcoms in American TV history. It has been almost 20 years since this show ended and Tim Allen is now ready to revisit this with the rest of the cast. This idea had been “floated” by Allen and the cast and he says that he would “be very interested in that idea.” He also said that he would like to do this the same way that Roseanne Barr had returned with her show, Roseanne.

Home Improvement had premiered on ABC in September of 1991 and was based off of Tim Allen’s standup comedy. This show became the number one in ratings and was a popular show until 1999 when it ended.  Throughout the serie’s ‘ season 8 run, the show had gathered a lot of award nominations and wins, like the Golden Globe Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, YoungStar Awards, Young Artist Awards and ASCAP Award. This show made it to the top 20 of television shows, and even a few polls have placed it in the top 10.

In May of 2015, it had been reported that Tim Allen and Richard Karn were talking about returning for a Home Improvement reboot.

Karn had, “There is always a chance, absolutely. Would I be on board? Yeah, I think so! I would love to see what the storylines could be, it could be very funny!”

It seems like a Home Improvement reunion may be a possibility.