Nov 4, 2021

Here’s Steven Spielberg’s Next Big Project After Indiana Jones 5

After 50 years of directing, Steven Spielberg does not seem to show any signs of stopping and after delivering The Post last year, his next movie, Ready Player One, is a few weeks away from release. And then, he is moving to Indiana Jones 5. After his work with the actor, Harrison Ford is done, it has been suggested that he can direct the West Side Story. But now we have news that this project may have to be put on pause as the director has expressed interest in a film about the composer, Leonard Bernstein.

Steven Spielberg had held a secret table read on Wednesday for the biopic about Leonard Bernstein but it is not clear who had participated in this. It had not been revealed who wrote the script, although we can be sure that this is not the Bernstein story which had been penned by Josh Singer. Speilberg has not abandoned the West Side Story, but if does choose to take on this biopic, he will have to find out how to prioritizes everything.

Leonard Bernstein is known as the greatest composers in the 20th century, and he became famous for the tenure as music director for New York Philharmonic. He has he scored operas like A Quiet Place and Trouble in Tahiti and musicals like 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and On The Town, Wonderful Town.

If Spielberg does decide to direct the biopic, we must note that there have been other films in the past that Spielberg was attached to. Spielberg has hired a casting director to look for actors of Puerto Rican descent for the West Side Story. Whatever is the outcome, this director will be spending of 2018 preparing for Indiana Jones 5 and the follow-up movie.

Ready Player One will release on March 29, and Indiana Jones 5 will release on July 10, 2020.