Nov 4, 2021

Spoilers: Fans Disappointed with The Way The ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Will End

Had there ever been a fandom which jumped into spoilers, it had to be Dragon Ball’s crew. During the last few years, leaks and summary releases have provided audiences many early previews of Dragon Ball Super and nothing has changed even now. Although the anime is set to end this month, it still has revelations to make.

The thing is that fans are unhappy with the last set of spoilers. Go ahead and read the surprising details below if you wish!

A short while back, social media was shaken by a spoiler bomb when leaks about Weekly Shonen Jump went public. The magazine is going to feature new issue on Friday. However, the initial looks of the magazine brought forward some key spoilers about the last episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

As per fan translators, the anime will have hurried final episodes. Episode number 130 is set to venture deeper into the battle between Goku and Jiren. The Saiyan will unleash his Ultra Instinct form against the Pride Trooper, but, Jiren is not someone to buckle down easily. He will once again power up to fight with Goku.

However, by the time episode 131 will be aired, things would have changed for Goku. Spoilers indicate that the hero is thrown out of the tournament’s arena by Jiren, but, it doesn’t imply that the Pride Trooper would win. At the closing moment, Freeza returns and blasts Jiren with a Death Beam, and the mighty fighter is caught off guard.

After these spoilers appeared, fans instantly started getting together and discussing the updates. Although a lot of people felt good about the twist, a significant section of fans is not happy with the ending. Goku’s exit won’t be euphoric as he didn’t beat Jiren in the battle. Irrespective of the hype about his new form, the anime will reveal the Saiyan, and it will eventually be Freeza who would push Jiren out of the arena’ in a final desperate attempt to protect Universe 7.

In terms of twists, this one is an obvious one, and the fans have a lot to talk about it. Go ahead and check out some of the most compelling reaction online to this Dragon Ball Super surprise as shared below.