Nov 4, 2021

Filming To Start In May For Wonder Woman 2

While Wonder Woman was last seen on the big screen a few months ago, however, her solo movie is still dominating discussions. The blockbuster success of Wonder Woman underscored what the DCEU is capable of, and the film’s director Patty Jenkins was applauded by all for her film. At present, WB is dedicated to making Wonder Woman’s sequel. However, the film’s pre-production is likely to get going sooner than expected.

According to latest reports, Wonder Woman 2 will face cameras in about a couple of months. It wasn’t long back when it was revealed by producer Charles Roven that the movie was expected to start production in the summer since its story has been finalized.

We’re in what I would call development of the screenplay,” Roven said. “We finally, I think, have a good story to tell. Not kind of – we do believe we have a good story to tell. And then we’re also just moving out of what normally we would call soft prep into hard prep. We’re hoping to start shooting the movie sometime this summer, and hope to have it out by the end of ’19.”

Omega Underground has now reported that a date has been marked by Warner Bros. to start filming of Wonder Woman 2. The film would reportedly enter production on May 28 and will start shooting in the United Kingdom. It was also reported that Suicide Squad 2 is also aiming to start production at a foreign location later in 2018. The United Kingdom shoot is targeting a fall schedule that starts in October.

For now, there is not much known about Wonder Woman 2 or Suicide Squad 2. The first will be helmed by Jenkins again, and there is a great deal of rumors doing rounds about the sequel. Fans online have been talking about everything whether it be the comeback of Steve Trevor or the time period of the film. It was revealed recently that a popular female villain called Cheetah would be the movie’s lead villain and Kristen Wiig is under discussions for the same. There is no doubt that Gal Gadot will be back to play Wonder Woman again, but, there has been no other casting information available so far. Wonder Woman’s last appearance showed her being a part of a team up to protect Earth from Steppenwolf in Justice League. This time, she is going to be back again in a solo film which we hope will outperform the first Wonder Woman movie.

Wonder Woman 2 is scheduled to release in theaters on November 1st, 2019.