Nov 4, 2021

Team Captain America & Wakandians Are Ready To Fight Thanos’s Outriders Army In New Photo

Another Avengers: Infinity War photo has made its way online. Marvel Cinematic Universe is now less than two months away from releasing the Avengers: Infinity War, and they have now advanced the release date by a week. That means that the film will now be released on April 27. Which also implies that we are now going to see a marketing blitz. Today we are showing you a recently released image which shows Steve Rogers, Bucky and Black Widow alongside Black Panther in his kingdom of Wakanda.

The latest photograph hints at a major battle which will take place in the movie, as we saw in the initial trailer. We got another look at Captain America with a beard, Black Widow with her blonde hair and Bucky’s new bionic arm made of Vibranium. Taking what we saw in Black Panther in account, we expect that this arm would also have some cool Wakandan gadgets built in. T’Challa is seen flanked by Okoye (Danai Gurira) and a large number of Wakandan warriors in the backdrop, all set to take on Thanos’ invading army.

By what we saw in the trailers, it is clear that Falcon, War Machine, and the Hulk are also a part of this battle, but, they don’t appear in this image.  This also gives us a glimpse of an iconic standoff before the Wakanda’s battle starts. Just like Mel Gibson’s speech in Braveheart, this might just be the point where the Marvel heroes deliver a great speech before charging into the battle of their life. This and also the visuals of the trailer, lead to some questions such as what are Iron-Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy doing? Where are they? Have The Avengers split into two groups to try and stop Thanos?

Russo Brothers who had directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and also the Captain America: Civil War were given the responsibility of making Avengers: Infinity War, and also its sequel Avengers 4. Since both their earlier MCU films were superb, there is absolute confidence that they will deliver the goods. However, the challenge of making a gigantic film which will be the culmination of a decade of build-up and anticipation would be a daunting task for anybody. This is an epic comprising of various sections, a large number of characters and a great deal that has to be done to satisfy fans.

We will get the clear picture very soon because a full-length Avengers: Infinity War trailer would release online soon. Also by then, Marvel would start the pre-sale tickets for the film, therefore, stay alert to that. This film is touted as a record buster at the global box office. Therefore, if you want to catch it early, you need to grab those tickets as soon as they are available. Have a look at the latest Avengers: Infinity War image provided by Games Radar, below.