Nov 4, 2021

Can This Actor Play Wolverine In Marvel Cinematic Universe X-Men Reboot?

We have all been used to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and after 17 years of playing this mutant, Jackman had hung up his claws after Logan. The send-off seemed to happen at the right time as Disney then purchased Fox. The purchase is now awaiting regulatory approval, and after this has been completing, Marvel may reboot the X-Men and Fantastic Four and even bring them into the MCU.

With this reboot floating around, the fans have started suggesting who could take on the characters. We know that whoever will be cast as Wolverine will have mighty shoes to fill. While a few so think that Tom Hardy is perfect, Marvel may look to younger actors and they may choose Dacre Montgomery.

BossLogic debuted two of his designs which have put Montgomery in this role. This is not the first time that he has suggested Montgomery for the role of Wolverine as he had included him in the Stranger Things-inspired X-Men reboot. Many fans have been quite eager to see what he does next.

Disney and Fox’s deal is not complete, and it might be early to think about who will play Wolverine. No one knows how Marvel will integrate the characters. But if Marvel ushers in a whole new wave of X-Men, there is a chance that Wolverine will be included as he is the biggest X-Men characters and is a super popular one with the fans.

Montgomery will be in on the list, and he can play Wolverine for many years. He has shown range in his notable roles and taking on this mutant may be a great turn in his career.