Nov 4, 2021

8 Stars Who Have Been Rumored To Play A Better Batman Than Ben Affleck

Many rumors had started in November that Ben Affleck would quit the role of Batman and then everyone started speculating who could play this superhero.  Affleck played the caped crusader in 3 films starting with Batman vs. Superman. He then appeared in Suicide Squad and then in Justice League. While the DCU has not received praises from the audiences and critics, the consensus is that Ben Affleck’s version of Batman is great.

Do we want to see a younger or older of Batman and is, Is the role based on Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns?

As we try to answer this, here are 8 actors who replace Affleck’s Batman:


This British actor can bring forth the fearlessness and intimidation to play Batman and audiences are ready for a change in James Bond and Doctor Who they can apply this to Gotham’s vigilante. Elba has been praised for the performance and American accent in The Wire.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan had played Thomas Wayne in Batman vs. Superman and he has since teased the idea of playing Batman.

He can play an older version of Batman ad this is fitting with the current DCU timeline. If the Flash movie is confirmed, they may need a younger man to portray the hero.


If Warner Bros. does not have Fassbender’s name on the list, they should. He is known for roles from Assassin’s Creed to a Magneto in the X-Men franchise. Fassbender has the magnetism and charisma to play Bruce Wayne. The only issue with casting Fassbender is his contract with Marvel.


Jon Hamm had been eager to play this role, and it may be an easy transition as Hamm is closer to Ben Affleck’s age.

When it comes to playing the role of a womanizer in a suit, Hamm can nail it. He has also proven with his role in Baby Driver that he has what it takes to make perfect action scenes.


Brolin has played the hero and the villain. He surely has screen presence and the fitness to play the superhero. He has shown his rough side in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Brolin plays Thanos in the MCU, and so this may be a problem.


He is well-known for his role as Lenard ‘’Bones’’ McCoy in the Star Trek trilogy and he has been in many movies that people have forgotten about. He played Eomer in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Judge Dredd in Dredd and Vaako in the Riddick trilogy.

The question is where can he play the role of Bruce Wayne. While there is not much on the resume which shows he can play a millionaire womanizer, Urban has what it takes to play the role.


Jake Gyllenhaal has always shown up in this list. The actor has transformed himself for all the roles that he has taken up. JHe has shown his physicality in Southpaw and End of Watch.


The actor from Dracula Untold has proven that he can do it all.

Luke Evans will be a super choice as the Dark Knight and is n aristocrat womanizer. He will also have no problem with the action-packed role.