Nov 4, 2021

10 Features We Can Expect In The PlayStation 5

There is a whole lot of debate about when the PlayStation 5 will release and a few reports have suggested that this may take a year. We know that Sony will release a next-generation console soon. So what are the features that we can expect in the PlayStation 5? Here’s a list:

Maybe a 4K 60FPS?

The most important thing that the PlayStation 5 can have is the implementation of 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. The PlayStation 5 will surely embrace native 4K, but we can expect it to deliver AAA gaming titles at 60 frames per second in 4K.

This may need a lot of processing power and may not be feasible if it is releasing this year. But if they are working within a 2020 timeframe, then this could become a  reality.

A lot more storage

All 4K gaming need a lot of storage, and if Sony is being serious about the downloading and streaming of games, then they must make sure that the console has a lot of Disk. 1TB is the standard, but Sony may produce many models of PlayStation 5 which offers more storage.

Multiple models

Multiple models are the core to the ethos of Sony in the PlayStation 5 generation. All consumers are demanding more choice, and this may include a disc-free model. We can also expect a more affordable price as downloading and streaming becomes significant.

Backwards compatibility

Backwards compatibility is a pretty nifty part of the console and considering the fact that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro released very recently, it makes sense for Sony to include the backwards compatibility in PlayStation 5. Sony is surely relying on streaming services for providing access to the retro gaming and consumers will love to see disc-based PlayStation titles supported out of the box.

A Built-in VR

The PlayStation VR headset is successful, but it may be a great selling point if the next-generation console had virtual reality functionalities included and this may mean that bundling a few consoles with a virtual reality headset. VR is a niche technology and is also a gimmick. If Sony wants to establish virtual reality, then it should increase the installed user base.

AAA VR games

While the integrated virtual reality is welcome, what can revolutionize this genre is the production of more AAA VR titles. There are a few great VR games, but we have not seen the biggest-selling titles embrace VR. This is starting to change, but there are a few technical hurdles. If PlayStation 5 delivers the power which makes it possible for The Last of Us Part 2 to deliver VR, then it may be a huge boost.

Steam integration

It has already been suggested in a few quarters that PlayStation 5 can integrate with Steam. Whether this is what Sony wants is very much debatable, and it is notable that Microsoft is pushing the PC-compatible qualities of the Xbox. This might not concern Sony as PlayStation 4 has outsold Xbox.

The User-Friendly Wireless charging

While there is little explicit suggestion that Sony may consider wireless charging, it will surely be a great welcome. Wireless charging has proven to be popular in the smartphone marketplace, and Apple implemented this. It will be an attractive feature if the devices can be charged without being plugged in.

Major launch titles

All console releases are dependent on the games, and thus it is crucial for Sony to ensure that PlayStation 5 ships with a few major launch titles. The release date for The Last of Us Part 2 has not been finalized, but if this does launch as a PlayStation 5 title with the new console, it may ensure the success of the machine.


Yes, the PlayStation 5 does promise to be a gaming behemoth but the price is ll important and the price tag of the Xbox Project Scorpio has not yet been revealed. Sony will benefit if it can match the price of the Microsoft rival.