Nov 4, 2021

Black Cat Proposes To Spiderman And His Reply?

The announcement of Batman‘s wedding had made history for DC Comics and but Marvel is now having fun with this. With a Spider-Man marriage proposal to Black Cat.

The tribute to Tom King’s Batman run is a part of Spectacular Spider-Man #300, which is an anniversary issue by Chip Zdarsky.

This is the back-up story to the special release which the DC fans will really want to flip to. This is a story called “The Canary,” and sees Black Cat, Felicia Hardy wondering what may have been between her and Peter Parker.

To appreciate this joke, the readers will have to know the basic of King’s Rebirth romance between Batman and Catwoman. Bruce Wayne had realized that he loves Selina Kyle, and the fact that she has an arm of stolen diamonds does not matter but what matters is that it is the diamond that she stole the first time she met Batman. The diamond that Bruce had kept on a hunch is now an engagement ring. Bruce soon proposes to her.

This is a wonderful moment for the fans, but they were nowhere near as surprised as Spider-Man when Black Cat had done the same thing.

The backup story is be called “The Canary,” a reference to the diamond Black Cat has stolen and Peter Parker is very stunned but without a heartwarming intent the Black Cat’s actions. So, as we had asked in the title… Sipdey’s reply? Well, he couldn’t give one.

This was all a ruse for Black Cat to get the jump on Spidey’s Spider-Sense. She then slashed her way out of this problem and leaves Peter. The very fact that Peter is left confused means that this gag is for the readers who know a joke when they see one.

This homage is the latest DC/Marvel crossover of several, all delivered with a wink to their fans. The first one had come with the suggestion that ‘Captain Marvel’ was DC’s Shazam at home in Marvel’s Multiverse.