Nov 4, 2021

Batman’s Solo Movie May Start Filming In 2019, Find More Details Here

Justice League was meant to bring in more fans and followers to the DCEU’s dwindling empire, but its reception was so bad that even the die-hard fans of the franchise had lost their faith in DCU.

Matt Reeves is directing the next Batman Solo movie which is going to be the part of the current cinematic universe. He has recently debunked all the rumors that hinted towards “him” leaving the franchise.

According to the latest update from Heroic Hollywood, the next Batman is set to start filming in 2019. They haven’t hinted any reliable source to this information yet, but some of their prior predictions and exclusive news items on such subjects have been accurate.

2019 is going to bring in 3 different DC movies set in DC Cinematic Universe –

1) Shazam

2) Suicide Squad 2

3) Wonder Woman 2

The only film that is coming this year is Aquaman with which the fans had high hopes, but after the collapse of Justice League even that has extinguished, but who knows the first trailer release of Aquaman would blow people’s minds. And Why no? He is the first Aquatic Superhero who is getting big budget live-action adaption.

It is vital for Batman’s Solo movie to start filming next year, because if that doesn’t happen, it may get rolled to later release time-frames like 2021, or even 2022. It appears like Warner Bros wants to see the response of the fans before jumping the gun on Batman’s Solo movie.