Nov 4, 2021

Avengers: Infinity War Posters Does Not Feature A Major Character- What Does This Mean?

Avengers: Infinity War is on its way, and this means that it is time to see all the Marvel heroes together. But not Hawkeye. A new collection of character posters were released, and the archer was absent.

Hawkeye has been an Avenger who gets the least respect. He does not really have superpowers, and his skill is that he is good with a bow and arrow. We do know that Jeremey Renner had been on the set and is part of the movie, but we have not seen in the promotion of Infinity War.

Hawkeye is not the only hero who is left out as we cannot spot Ant-Man and Black Panther. But we know that Black Panther is in this movie, and it is odd to see Mantis get her poster.

There are many interesting bits in the posters that we can spot. Elizabeth Olsen’s character gets the name, Scarlet Witch which she has not been officially given in the MCU. Sebastian Stan’s character is called Bucky and not Winter Soldier. This is an indication that the deprogramming Wakanda has been successful.

Spider-Man is called Iron Spider, and now we know that Peter Parker will wear Tony Stark’s new suit.

Groot also gets a poster, and the background is red rather than black, and this may be because the coloring would not have shown up too well on a black background.