Nov 4, 2021

Batman Destroyed Superman With Such An Ease In Latest Batman Comic Issue #42

There have been countless encounters between Batman and Man of Steel in the past, but, rarely has any battle been so clearly and rapidly won by anyone as this.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Batman #42. If you haven’t read the comic book, we caution you.

As of now, Poison Ivy seems to be in control of almost everyone apart from Batman and Catwoman. The couple left Wayne Manor and went out to grab a bite, and Superman is following them from high up in the sky. He is simply hovering overhead, keeping an eye, but, in truth, it was Ivy overlooking things through his eyes.

When they reach another place, Batman leans towards Catwoman and says “Come close. I have to tell you something. I don’t want her to hear.” He tells her about his love for her, and then leans closer, saying “But, y’know, with the wedding…” Superman also tilts his head fractionally, and it is precisely that moment when Batman whistles long and loud, making Superman scream in pain and cover his ears.

It is revealed that a whistle could hurt a person with superhuman being in extreme manners.

When they step into a house, Superman is seen crashing from the sky. Apparently, it was a plan that they had discussed earlier, and Catwoman replied saying “Okay. I was wrong. You did it. Superman with a whistle.” At that point, Batman tells her that this wasn’t really the Superman because “Clark knows when to listen and when not to listen.”

It is an ideal scene, and it shows that a man with a smart plan is as deadly as a being with extraordinary powers.

You can check the comic book panels above.

Tom King has written Batman#42 and art has been done by Mikel Janin and cover by Janin and another by Olivier Coipel. The synopsis is shared below:

“Everyone Loves Ivy part two! Poison Ivy has taken control of every man, woman, and child on the planet, and only Batman and Catwoman have escaped her influence. But will the pair of them be enough to nip this in the bud?”

Batman #42 is available in comic book stores now.