Nov 4, 2021

Your Pets Deserve The New Fully Operational Star War Death Star Bed

The latest Star Wars Death Star pet bed has been making its rounds on the Internet, but it was available in the UK. Its cost was $40 US excluding the shipping charges. Now there is good news is that Merchoid got this pet bed in stock for $27.99 and the shipping is free.

One must note that the Death Star bed is now available for pre-order and the quantities are pretty limited. This Death Star does use lasers (obviously).

The official description is below:

“Cat? Dog? Ewok? We’ve got you covered with our official Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave. With it’s dark(side) inner and incredibly detailed outer, it’s enough to fool any Jedi into thinking it’s the real deal. Gone are the days of the zebra print pet beds, only fit for the most Beverly Hills of Chihuahuas. It’s time to step aside for this battle station – the official Death Star Pet Cave.”

  • Pet bed shaped like the notorious Death Star.
  • Removable cushion inside
  • Super soft Velboa surface material
  • Waterproof internal fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Dimensions: 36 x 42 x 37cm
  • Non-slip base