Oct 27, 2021

Top 20 Hottest Fox News & Business TV Girls

Beauty these days is more than just a pleasant appearance. Today’s ladies are absolute examples of “Beauty with Brain”. They are accomplished minds, business moguls, and outspoken dominating media, creating new trends, and changing the world. These beautiful ladies have the perfect charm to uplift our mood when we talk about the news. News is extremely important for modern people but beautiful and sexy ladies presenting the news makes it more interesting for the viewers. It is a proven fact that men usually prefer to watch gorgeous ladies as a news presenter. The popular news channel named “Fox” has always been employing attractive and hot anchors. Apart from being attractive, their modeling experience made them a lot more efficient. Here we assembled some gorgeous and hot fox news-girls that can completely mesmerize you.

1. Jenna Lee

While talking about the hottest Fox girls, the name Jenna Lee has it all. Jenna Lee is a popular anchor and journalist on Fox channel since the year of 2007. Jenna is one of the quintessential beauties of the Fox channel. She has blonde hair, sparkling eyes, and a heart-melting smile.

Jenna Lee started her career after graduation in the year of 2002. The recipient of Silver Star for her service in Iraq started her career at Marina Times as a freelancer. In the year of 2007, the Fox beauty Jenna Lee started anchoring at the Fox Business Morning. She also did a contribution to the “Money for Breakfast” in 2009.

2. Ainsley Earhardt

Ainsley Earhardt has it all- beauty, wit, and an enviable figure. She is one of the co-hosts of FOX and Friends First. She is the journalist and correspondent for the Fox News channel and she also reported for FOX’s Hannity with her segment titled “Ainsley Across America”.

The American Fox news television personality Ainsley was hired at first as a reporter for WLTX, Local CBS station in Columbia. Subsequently, she moved to New York City and started working at the FOX News channel. During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Ainsley encouraged readers to go flying.

3. Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros is one of the hottest anchors of the FOX girls. She joined Fox News as a political contributor. Her charming personality and sense of humor made her a recognizable journalist and anchor.

The beautiful American political analyst and commentator firstly worked as a spokesperson for Massachusetts Governor William Weld and then National Republican. She began anchoring for Fox News channel in 2010. Throughout her journalism career, she co-hosted several programs. She went to co-host Outnumbered and approached Fox News executives about Roger Ailes sexually harassing her in 2015. Alongside she also appeared as original co-host of The Five.

4. Julie Banderas

While talking about the Fox News Hottest personalities the name of Julie Banderas is unforgettable. She is a pretty general assistant reporter. She gained a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College.

At her early stage of career, she worked at WLVI TV in Boston. Later she went to local news anchorwoman for WHSV TV alongside her also worked with WFSB TV and WNYW in New York. She joined the Fox News Channel in 2005 as a general assignment reporter. Her most important work on-air clashed with Shirley Phelps-Roper (former spokesperson for Westboro Baptist Church) and gained international media attention. In 2018 she replaced Laurie Shue at the anchor position for Fox Report Weekend.

5. Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is an American journalist and she is famous for her talent and extraordinary journalism skills. She attended Albany Law School and earned a J.D. Megyn was also inducted into the Hall of Fame at Bethlehem Central High School.

After moving to Washington D.C., she was hired by ABC’s WJLA TV as a General Assignment Reporter. In 2004 she applied for a job at Fox News and after getting selected, she contributed for Special Report With Brit Hume and hosted her own legal segment Kelly’s Court. She also appeared on a weekly segment on The O’Reilly Factor and on Fox’s Late-night program Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Meanwhile, she was honored with an Alumni Achievement Award.

6. Molly Line

The Virginia native Molly Line is a beauty queen and has a youthful and angelic personality. During her high schooling, Molly Line did compete for the Miss West Virginia Pageant and was one the verge of joining the fashion industry.

The beautiful anchor Molly Line has covered most compelling, dangerous, and controversial stories so far which include sentencing the “Shoe Bomber” (Richard Reid). Throughout her successful career, Molly has worked as a correspondent and reporter for Fox news channel and a few of her shows are “America Live”, “O’Reilly Factor” and “The Five”. The hottest anchor, Molly Line has also been credited for her acting in a couple of films.

7. Patti Ann Browne

Patti Ann Browne is another one of the unforgettable anchors of the Fox channel and she currently hosts the headline update. People remember her for the exquisite beauty, slim physique and ability to draw attention which is vital in this profession.

Fox’s blonde beauty Patti Ann Browne started her broadcasting career at WLIM Radio as a news anchor. Patti Ann Browne has also worked with New 12 Long Island covering Suffolk and Nassau. Patti began her journey with the Fox channel in the year 2000. The blonde beauty Patti Ann Browne has created a record of 25 years at the top of the game as a prominent name in her field.

8. Rebecca Diamond

The Hispanic rooted gorgeous lady Rebecca Diamond grew up in San Jose in California. Rebecca Diamond is now one of the most prominent anchors of the Fox channel with a charming face, caramel hue, brown hair, and slim physique.

Rebecca Diamond completed her education with a major in broadcast journalism. She has the perfect tone of professionalism which led her to portray the level of knowledge she possesses. She started her career for Lifetime Television as a reporter. With growing experience and professionalism, Rebecca became a part of Fox in 1996 and it has been one of her biggest highlights in her career so far.

9. Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith is one of the unforgettable personalities of Fox who has attracted viewers with her professionalism, blonde hair, grey eyes, and voluptuous figure. Born in the year 1980, the beauty queen Sandra Smith studied at the Louisiana State University with major in business and minor in speech course.

The blonde beauty Sandra Smith started her professional journey at the Aegis Capital Group as a research associate of retail stocks. She became the director at Terra Nova Institutional. Sandra Smith began her journey with the Fox in the year of 2007. Sandra Smith works as a guest on a few shows like “Fox Business Happy hour” and “Outnumbered”.

10. Jamie Colby

The adorable and cute lady Jamie Colby is one of the most talented news presenter and anchor for the Fox News Channel. Jamie Colby has been mesmerizing her viewers for over a decade with her blonde hair, tall stature, gorgeous curves, and heart-melting smile.

The unforgettable girl of the Fox, Jamie made a remarkable contribution to news field by covering the “September 11 attacks” for which she was honored with the Edward r. Murrow National Award (2002). Jamie began her journey with the Fox in 2003. The beautiful anchor has coauthored a book with her husband titled “Back to Life After a Heart Crisis”.

11. Anna Kooiman

The blonde beauty Anna Kooiman is a popular news anchor, television panelist, and philanthropist. Anna Kooiman has been working with the Fox channel since 2011 portraying her efficiency smoothly. Anna Kooiman has always lived an active life and also loves running marathons.

The blonde beauty Anna Kooiman started her career journey with WWAY in North Carolina and also worked with WNWO. Finally, she moved as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports. In the year of 2016, she moved to Sydney and is a substitute anchor for Network Ten in a few shows like “The Project” and “Studio 10”.

12. Lea Gabrielle

The brown-haired girl Lea Gabrielle is one of the unforgettable journalists and former naval aviator. Lea Gabrielle is known as one of the hottest Fox girls who worked there as a correspondent and journalist. Lea Gabrielle has an eye-catching smile, slim physique, and caramel hue.

The Virginia native Lea Gabrielle has recently been appointed as the head of the US’s Global Engagement Center in February 2019 where she is countering propaganda from various foreign actors including China, Russia, and ISIS. Lea Gabrielle has worked for a Fox program named “Shepard Smith Reporting”. After getting a journalism certificate from the New York Film Academy, she started her journey with the news channels.

13. Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich is one of the unforgettable popular anchors of the Fox News channel. Katie Pavlich has been the contributor in the Fox which has mesmerized her viewers with her youthful, voluptuous figure and attractive smile.

Born in a family of German Croatian ancestry and was a very sporty person right from her childhood. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the subject of broadcasting and journalism from the University of Arizona. In 2013, Katie got hired by Fox as an alternative cohost for their show called “The Five”. The blonde beauty, Katie Pavlich was tagged as the Blogger of the Year in 2013 at the (CPAC) Conservative Political Action Conference.

14. Kimberly Guilfoyle

The rumored girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. named Kimberly Guilfoyle has made her remarkable position for herself as Fox News Channel’s new anchor. Kimberly Guilfoyle has got an exquisite figure, brown hair, and gorgeous curves which make people praise her more.

The 51-year-old blonde beauty Kimberly has spent years while working on juvenile and adult cases like domestic violence, narcotics sexual assault, robbery, and homicide for which she has achieved several accolades. Kimberly joined the Fox in the year 2006 and she released her semi-autobiographical book named “Making the case”.

15. Dana Perino

Dana Perino has always been listed among the chart of hottest Fox Girl. Born in Evanston in the US, Dana Perino is a political personality, author, and journalist. The 47-year-old blonde beauty has the perfect slim figure, radiant complexion and sparkling eyes to look for.

The beautiful lady Dana has served as the White House press Secretary from 2007 to 2009 working under President George W. Bush. Dana is the 2nd woman to do this job in the White House so far after Dee Dee Myers. This beautiful anchor is currently working for Fox News as the political commentator. Dana started hosting the program called “The Daily Briefing” for the Fox Channel since 2017.

16. Maria Molina

The Nicaraguan native Maria Molina is one of the cutest and most gorgeous girls of the Fox channel with a perfect smile, radiant complexion, youthful and charming personality. Maria Molina has always wished to be a meteorologist on a news channel and her dream came true at the age of 23.

The Nicaraguan beauty Maria Molina had to compromise her dream for a while because of recession during the 2008s and she worked as a science teacher. Alongside she kept on trying a job in her field and finally ended up getting her first job as a meteorologist at Accu Weather. Soon she became the youngest weather woman on Fox channel.

17. Courtney Friel

The Pennsylvanian beauty Courtney Friel is a popular American news reporter and anchor. Courtney Friel has an exquisite physique, glamorous curves, and mesmerizing personality.

The bubbly blonde Courtney completed her education with a bachelor’s degree in Political science. She spent more than fifteen years in the world of journalism. This hot Pennsylvanian native also has a bit of past in the field of modeling. Courtney’s voluptuous figure was once a regular part of some popular men’s magazine like “Maxim” and “FHM”. She began her journey with the Fox News in November 2011 in a show called “Red Eye”.

18. Martha MacCallum 

The American native Martha MacCallum is a popular news anchor with blonde hair and a slim physique that is hard to forget. The mother of three, Martha got her bachelor’s degree from the St. Lawrence University in political science. The blonde girl also has attended the Circle in the Square Theatre School.

Martha MacCallum started her career as a news reporter and anchor at the WBIS-TV that focuses mainly on sports and business. Martha also moved to the CNBC and NBC and there she worked as a reporter in a few shows like “The News with Brian Williams” and “The Today Show”. In 2004, Martha joined the Fox channel. She received the Soldiersocks Commitment to Serve Award.

19. Heather Nauert

The American blonde beauty Heather Nauert is a popular news presentor and health insurance consultant. Heather Nauert has a perfect youthful face and an adorable smile that had mesmerized the viewers on the Fox Channel.

This American broadcaster was the spokesperson for the Department of States of the US from the year 2017 to 2019. Earlier, Heather Nauert worked as NY based anchor on the show called US morning cable news for the Fox. Heather is a skilled interviewer covering critical cases like domestic and global issues. Heather got praised for covering the battling states. She is the recipient of the Emmy Awards nomination at the ABC news.

20. Shannon Bream

The Floridian native Shannon Bream is a veteran American journalist who has made a remarkable position in the Fox news channel. Shannon Bream has perfect blue eyes and a well-toned physique to die for. Despite being born in a conservative family, she managed to win the Miss Virginia tiled in the year 1990. She also won the 1995 Miss Florida USA pageant and competed in the Miss USA and secured the fourth position.

The glam girl Shannon Bream started her journalism career for the WBTV as a late-night news reporter. After three of working, she joined WRC-TV in Washington and finally ended up as an anchor for Fox News.