Nov 4, 2021

The Killing Joke Would Be The Source For Joker Origin Movie

There is no clarity yet about the Joker solo movie. However, a new report has disclosed that the subject of the movie might be the origin story of the infamous clown.

This Joker origin film is being helmed by Todd Phillips, and The Wrap has reported that the movie will show Joker to be an unsuccessful comedian from the 1980s who repeatedly resorted to crime and bombing activities.

This might be the reason why Phillips sought the help of Martin Scorsese, who is the producer of the film. Scorsese has handled this subject, long time back in King of Comedy which released in 1982. The film starred Robert De Niro in a similar role of a failed comedian who tried but couldn’t revive his fortunes. As reported by The Wrap, there are going to be references to the 1982 movie in the Joker origin film.

It also links to the famous Joker story The Killing Joke, which had a similar portrayal of the character’s origins showing him to be a poorly doing comedian who simply gave up after another bad day.

As of now, there is not anyone cast for the film, but, Joaquin Phoenix has been in talks to play Joker. His association would also go well with the subject because Phoenix has always done well playing demented and violent characters.

It suits Phillips range too, who has written and directed the Hangover movies. Those films also featured hilarious scenes, interwoven with grim and dark situations. Thus, it seems that the studio is putting together a great team.

The Joker origin movie will be made under a new banner of DC Films at WB which won’t be a part of the ongoing DCEU shared universe. That gives it freedom from casting the same actors or linking to other movies to keep the world building going. Therefore, Jared Leto might still keep playing Joker despite Phoenix also playing the same character in cinemas.

The Joker origin film doesn’t have a release date assigned yet, but, it is expected to start production this year. However, delays are not ruled out because Phillips and Scott Silver are readying the script at present.

The next DC release will be Aquaman which will splash into the theaters on December 21.