Nov 4, 2021

‘The Goonies 2’ Might Be Made, But, In A Different Form

Sean Astin (The Goonies) is back into the news with his appearance as the pleasant Bob Newby in Stranger Things 2, and although he went around doing the press rounds related to the show’s promotions, someone questioned him about the chances of The Goonies 2. However, instead of shying away from it, Astin expressed hope about the chances of this much-discussed sequel being made. However, whether it would be a live-action film or something totally different remains to be seen.

During a conversation with The Huffington Post, Astin, who had played Mikey in the adventure film released in the 1980s, was questioned about the possibility of a sequel and he replied by saying:

“It’s always possible. I will say that it’s likely that it will happen. I don’t know when, but I have always had confidence that that sequel will happen mostly because Steven Spielberg, from the time when I was a kid, told me he wanted it to happen and has never changed his opinion.”

The original film was made by Spielberg, and he had readied a story for the sequel. He certainly is one of the few people in Hollywood with the capability to make it.

However, Astin is unsure about the sequel coming in the form of a live-action film. He said:

“What I would love to see is a Goonies animated series, and I would love to play Mikey. I do a lot of voiceover characters, and I play younger characters with my voice, and that would be meta.”

In our opinion The Goonies was a terrible film featuring annoying kids, dumb story, and it feels absolutely useless. Compared to it, the other Spielberg film ‘Hook’ was way better. However, the thing is that we didn’t catch this film as a child, rather, only sometime back after hearing about it from others who used to praise it as if it was a special film. In case you enjoyed watching it during your childhood, we would advise you to avoid watching it again as it might ruin the fond memories. In fact, we think that an animated sequel might be a better deal than to create another live-action movie bringing back the surviving original cast members.

In any case, we believe that Richard Donner was vital to any Goonies sequel. After having announced the sequel’s development in 2014, he hasn’t made a movie in a long time. Recently, there were rumors about him making Lethal Weapon 5. Therefore, it is not ruled out if he could be convinced into returning to direct The Goonies 2. It’s a far-fetched idea, but, if Spielberg gets serious about it, nothing is ruled out.