Nov 4, 2021

Stan Lee Suggests Who Would Win In A Fight Between Batman And Captain America

Pit a rough former army guy infused with super soldier serum against a billionaire tycoon who has more than enough money to buy or create any kind of weapons. Who would be your pick as a winner?

Clare Kramer (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) had hosted ‘The Men, The Myths, The Legends’ panel at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and she posed this vital question to Stan Lee about who would be the winner in a Batman v Captain America fight.

Stan had a great advice to offer.

“Anytime anybody asks you who would win in a fight, the only correct answer is that it depends on who’s writing the story,” Lee stated.

It must be mentioned that these two have battled each other in comic books, especially in the DC vs. Marvel Comics mini-series published in 1996. The mini-series had two brothers (each representing their respective publisher’s universe), agreeing to fight and the condition was that the loser’s universe would have to stop existing.

There were some minor fights such as Aquaman vs. Namor where the Aquaman pinned down his rival under a giant whale, Thor vs. DC’s Captain Marvel where Thor used Mjolnir to slam his rival, the ultimate results of fights depicting the major characters from both publishers were to be decided by a fan vote.

The battle between The Dark Knight and Steve Rogers took place, and fans ultimately voted the Batman as the winner. While he did win the battle for DC, Marvel won the war, but, courtesy the joint work between Spectre and The Living Tribunal, they managed to keep both universes going by merging them to make the short-duration Amalgam universe.