Nov 4, 2021

Rumor: Grand Theft Auto 6 Targeting 2022 Release, Will Take Place In Vice City And South America

A hot and piping rumor has surfaced, claiming that Grand Theft Auto 6 is happening, and is scheduled to release in 2021-2022. According to the rumor, the game will head back into the Vice City/Miami.

This revelation comes from a YouTube channel, The-Know, who boast of having an inside source associated with the game, which is being developed under codename Project Americas. If you are wondering why Project Americas, it might just be because the game will allow you to fly between the USA and South America all the time.

As stated above, The Know’s so-called source has also stated that the game will take the series back to Vice City. In case you are not familiar, Vice City is the game’s imaginary version of Miami, and that’s where the sixth game of the series is based. It is not yet disclosed whether the game will have a contemporary setting or will be based in the past or maybe the future.

In case, the report turns out to be genuine; it will be the first-ever instance of the game series featuring South America. It is also not yet revealed as to where in South America.  However, if we had to place a bet, then we would choose either Brazil or Columbia, and if the game is based in the 1980s, the way it was in GTA: Vice City, then it has more chances of being Columbia where back then it was the Scarface era, which also happened to be the time of the drug proliferation. Columbia also suits the scheme better, because it was a key destination for gangsters such as Pablo Escobar and the cartel.

Further, the latest report also repeats an earlier rumor about the game’s protagonist being a female. At the same time, it is stated that it has not yet been confirmed. It is also not revealed whether the game will give you option of selecting various playable characters, which was a feature first seen in GTA V and was loved by fans.

Let’s remind you here that these are only rumors. In case, these turn out to be genuine details. Still, things might change. There are a good 3-4 years to go before 2021-2022, and that’s a lengthy development period. However, the only thing which can be said certainly about the rumored game, it is the fact that things can change big time over the years.

No matter what the truth is, it is quite safe to speculate that Rockstar will make another GTA game. After all, their last entry, GTA V, is not only among the all-time best sellers but, has sold over 90 million copies already.