Nov 4, 2021

Lethal Weapon 5 Is In Works And Mel Gibson Is Returning

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are now going to reunite and reprise the roles in Lethal Weapon. They starred in the very first installment in 1987, and then the duo teamed up for 3 more movies which had seen them battle shady triads, drugs dealers, and weapon-dealing cops.

The first movie saw the cop, Martin Riggs who was transferred to a police unit after some hair-brained stunts had landed him and the department in trouble. He meets a family man and homicide detective, Roger Murtagh who grows tired of Riggs’ dangerous and methods.

30 years after they have fizzled with chemistry, Deadline is reporting that Mel, Danny, and Richard Donner are currently in talks for a 5th silver screen outing.

If this project does come to life, Donner will direct for the first time after 1998’s Lethal Weapon 4. Danny, Mel and the actress, Rene Russo had reunited for Lethal Weapon’s 30th anniversary.

The cop film became a small screen offshoot on ITV and with Damon Wayans, and Clayne Crawford had stepped into these roles. With many car chases, fist fights and gun fights, the fans were very relieved that the show delivered these goods.